Rich and Generous????

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Props to the OP if you're actually doing this (I've become a skeptic, sorry).

Wish someone would give my hunter a chopper. :(
Eh, I rather earn my crap then be given it to me by someone with this OP's attitude. That's just me.
Go to FIZZCRANK and find out
Not many people would even think about being as generous as you're being. I think what you're doing is really great.

Plus, all the commotion that goes on in the AH while you're selling is pretty entertaining.

Keep up the good work :)
I have seen his posts in trade, quite abit recently. He really is giving all this stuff away!

Cheers Adornay
Good people like you attract more new players to the game. It is fun to have more people cause playing an mmo in a ghost town sucks lol
Bro, keep the sales going. There's a lot of trolls on this realm, and people that are too lazy to download an auction house addon, which makes them complain about not getting anything. I don't understand why anybody doesn't enjoy the sales each month, other than if you have some of that item, and are trying to sell. Even then, the prices are back to where they were, if not higher in a week or 2. Keep it up, bro.
I'm pretty sure you're doing another one of these games on April 20th, something like 50k items for 10 copper each and 2-4 free Meks? Time to start buying :D Why not let everyone from diff realms join? 10 copper items ftw!
Is this a brag-thread? Are you wall-of-text-brag-threading me right now?
SALES are done on ALLIANCE side forever - NOW is HORDE side - BIG sale in JUNE and 6 FREE choppa

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