WTB Ruffled Chaplet

Wyrmrest Accord
Ruffled Chaplet

Drops off of Terrowulf Packlord in Ashenvale around the Howling Vale. Very low drop rate, just killed him and got pants instead :|

If you happen have it, COD it to me for 500g.
If you're Horde, COD it to Pheodora.

And if you don't want to do either of those but happen to know of another feathered headdress in that color... let me know for the love of Cenarius D;
Dat hat.

So elusive.
Spirit Hunter Headdress is the only other feathered headdress with the same coloring.
From a Horde only quest that is no longer in the game.

Annnnd a bump
Oh haaat. Come to me hat~

And I'm sure it's a very fashionable tunic.
Help me so I am not this

(V) 9,,,9 (V)
Boomkin punch to the top!
As someone who frequents (re: practically lives in) Ashenvale, I'll make a point to detour to his spawn and check for him.

I've had it drop for me before, but never had a use for it. I'll see if I can't get it for ya. <3
Just killed him again, got boots.

Reminder to Hordies that wander across this item, I do have a forsaken mage parked out in the Undercity here on WrA. If you happen across it, send it COD (Cash on Delivery) to Pheodora for 500 gold!
But how else could they be such dapper gentlemen without hats?!
No, I don't know what they say about Ashenvale worgen. :o
I am -also- still looking for this damn hat. It hates me or something.

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