[H]<Euphonic> 8/8 HM Recruiting

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Why thank you !
#1 dont hug the ugly kid or u will get the ugly on you and it doesn't wash off.
#2 u know ty would do anything to keep his davo happy.
Still looking for a skilled holy Paladin
Biotical is LFG
400 resto druid 5/8heroic downed 6/8 experience.
hello friends
BUMP. Also we love ret pallys who call out everytime they holy radiance and LoH people at full health, BTW SHORT BOLT
Also recruiting a Prot Warrior who can time his cool downs against a 5 second cast bar to keep from being one shot. This prot warrior must also be very good at mining me minerals for my Minecraft village and spaceship
who doesnt like arcane torrent
where the hell is our weekly zins bump?
Bump. Serious players for MoP!
<3 bump miss ya'll
Extra love bump
u should make an alt and name it Zinergy
^^^ Bump
that name is taken :(
BUMP. We need ppl that don't waste their lives on D3

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