PvP: Backstab better than Ambush??

So I have found (in PvP) that my Backstab consistently deals more damage than my ambush, even though I am specced into 3/3 improved ambush. The only reasoning I can see for ambush being better is that it has a higher combo point generation at the same energy cost. Can someone explain the benefits of using ambush over Backstab (particularly while shadow dancing)??
Find Weakness
Crit rate
Combo point generation.
Energy cost (counting the +5 energy return on crit).
Backstab does crit harder on average. But, the difference is less than 1000 damage.
Edit: Actually, it's little over 1000. For me, it's exactly 1252.712.
So, Ambush is by far the winner. Extra combo point, 30% additional crit chance and procs Find Weakness.

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