Rare cata pets spawn

Do rares still spawn i cant seem to find any i have been looking for this one http://www.wowhead.com/npc=50058 cant find him though
He's got a 6-8 hour spawn timer. Also I wouldn't attempt to tame him at your level due to the fact he hits for 25k a tick on his fire breath.
ive looked for him for like a week and he hasn't spawned once
P.S i can use a trap
Yeah, might not be able to tame he hits hard an you can't trap him.
He is untrappable. You could use things like haste pots/dmg-reducing pots to help, but the easiest way is still to get to lvl 85...
Well.... they are called "rare" after all.
best thing for that guy, do these and you'll be fine at your level to tame him, is get a Prismatic Elixir


and either summon your corehound, cast Hysteria, dismiss, then tame Terrorpene under the effects of Bloodlust, or use a Potion of Speed.

Prismatic + Bloodlust = easy tame for lvl 81
in half vicious half ruthless, he took me down to 25% of my life before my tame beast finished

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