[Bug] friendly debuffs on enemy targets

Bug Report
You aren't able to see friendly debuffs on enemy targets. Even with the option chosen...

You must go into your interface options and double click the option (uncheck and select it) every time you log in or switch characters.

What's sad, is that this bug has been live for roughly 2+ months. With every new minor pach I am hoping blizzard will acknowledge and fix it.

Yes, it is minor but it shouldn't have gone this long without being fixed.

-edit: ipad messing up format :(
I feel like people just ignore this bug.


Has blizzard acknowledged this? I have tried searching and haven't came up with anything.
This only affects Blizzard's default buff frames. Addons like Raven are unaffected. If this is causing you serious issues, I suggest using Raven (which can be set up to look like the Blizzard UI, but please don't; it's much more powerful than that) or another buff addon until the issue is fixed.
Well, I'm already using a lot of addons as it is... I don't want an additional debuff addon just to make sure I don't overlap cc on a target...just because I can't see that the target is feared,blinded,stunned,blanket cs'd etc...

Although, it has been 2+ months, so I suppose it might be worth it.... and I don't see blizzard fixing this anytime soon.
For what you're wanting to do, the Blizzard buff bars are almost useless anyway, even when they are working. An addon would serve you much better since they can all be configured to distinguish between your debuffs and other players' debuffs much more easily.
for what im wanting to do? I just want to see when a target is being cc'd... not too worried about how my buff bar looks or being able to distinguish my debuffs from others'. which is somewhat simple.

the old default ui was fine for that. when it's working that is..

-thanks though
Anything ?

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