DoT Cleave RBG's

To the people who run that cunning of the cruel trinket cleave: you are bad. That is all I have to say haha. I there's a reason I'm not subbing again Blizzard, and that's because despite the fact you're able to make millions of dollars, and have access to more resources than most gaming companies out there, you still can't balance PvP. You've done a disgustingly terrible job this season, and I've lost the enormous amount of respect I had for you up until just after t11 was finished. It takes no skill to dot a player and let your trinket cleave the team to death. How on earth did you think it possible that the changes you made to cunning would "fix" the damage output? It puts out the same amount of damage, but instead of over 1 second, does it over 6. That has got to be the biggest amount of garbage that ever spilled out of your mouths. Done with this game, Guild Wars 2 here I come. I know GW2 isn't going to kill wow, but I hope you guys take a massive hit from it, and learn something for once.

I will miss you alot....

actually.. i don't even know you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You realize every season, throughout the history of PVP, there has been this issue. Shadowmourne, other legendaries and pve items. You can either QQ about it and quit, or exploit and use it like every good player out there.

You won't be missed.
You're opinion means nothing
Your thread is pointless
From what you've listen Narum, it looks like 1 issue per season. Nothing that has been exploited like this, i'm not just quitting over the pvp, but the whole scenario. They put jack !@#$ of their money back into this game and it shows. Enjoy your steaming turd, like i said, GW2 will be amazing.
Every team needs a priest with glyphed MD Cripples the Dot Cleave
We had 2. It doesn't work.

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