Multisampling options only offer 8x no 16x.

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Does WoW actually have the 16x multisampling option or is it limited to 8x? when i go to graphics settings>multisampling the only options are up to 8x, but no 16x. is this working as intended or does wow have a 16x option? if so, how would i get that? Thanks in advance for any help.
Multisampling = anti-aliasing in this case, and games will only offer up to 8x normally. GeForces and Radeons use "tricks" to offer higher-level of anti-aliasing.

If you want to go further than 8x, force it through your graphics card's control panel. For example, Radeons can force higher total AA level by applying edge-detect. nVidia can force 16x msaa through their control panel too.
I am at the control panel but i dont see any option for that, my card isa gtx555.
Open up nVidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D settings, then change anti-aliasing - mode. CSAA will kill your FPS, but go for it if you really want to.

If your card is GTX 555M (since there is no known 555 model for desktop retail), I would strongly discourage you from trying to use beyond 8x AA, or even 8x AA for that matter (unless you like slideshows).

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