Would you like changes to your rotation?

TL;DR: What changes would you like to see to your rotation? Propose them, discuss them, defend them. As Enhancement, also remember we want to make haste a good stat.

I've been following the beta really closely. I hope I get in soon. One thing I've seen is that some classes are getting changes to their rotation to make it feel more streamlined, to flow better and make them interesting.

Retribution is getting a smoother HP generation, Rogues are also getting changes to AoE and variation in the form of Blindside, a revamped Revealing Strike and the like, Tanks as a whole are being revised so their damage mitigation rotations are interesting and that made me think that we're probably on schedule to also have ours revised. Is there anything you would like to see changed?

With fixed mana pools, a lot of new keybinds, new CDs and active abilities, plus the fact that we get very little benefit from haste and crit, I certainly would love to see some streamlining.

Off the top of my head, I can think of two changes: Make weapon enchants passive to their respective specs and unlinking Shocks from one another and removing their cooldowns. Now, this would give us less options - no more Frostbrand - but would also make using Frost Shock less of a hassle. Damage, threat and more importantly mana cost can be balanced accordingly, as Enhancement has a small mana pool, Elemental needs LB and TS to regen and Resto also needs to decide whether to spend mana on a snare/root or on healing and would make us more aware of diminishing returns. It can have a steep mana cost compared to the other two shocks.

Elemental would be on its way to have the most comfortable rotation on the face of Azeroth and Enhancement would have a button to press when everything else is on cooldown. This would also free a keybind that can now be used for totems, which will be important in Mists.

Enhancement's AoE also needs work. That's a given. Linking it to Lava Lash is a topic of controversy. Fire Nova is now an Enhance-only spell, so I'll start with that. I'm OK with the cooldown. Maybe a glyph to reduce or remove the CD but also reduce damage would be an interesting choice. What I don't particularly like is the FS > LL > FN part. One change I would love to see is making FN a spell cast on your target that hits everything around BUT the target. Think Mind Sear. You would then have to decide if you want to cast it on an enemy or a tank, for one. And this brings me to another change.

Removing Flame Shock from Enhancement's rotation. You would ask: But why? It works perfectly well as it is. And I agree completely. But I've run out of keybinds as it is and I want to use every new toy we have. Ascendance, Spirit Walk, Stormlash, Capacitor... I have no idea where to stick them and I feel I'm not going to be the only one thinking like that. How would I remove FS from Enhancement's rotation? There's several ways of doing it. One would be to simply buff it for Enhancement. Another, the Butcher's way, would be making it Elemental-only. Another would be to link it to Static Shock, making it so both DPS specs deal with an "Earth and Thunder" scenario.

And finally, the last change. The one I'm really unsure about but could bring haste to significance. Remove Flurry - reducing crit's importance -, make Unleash Wind last twenty seconds, adding a "Slice and Dice" like aspect to Enhancement's rotation and buff MW damage. But I would certainly need input about that one from a proper theorycrafter about that one.

So... well. Long post, huh?

The thing is: Would you like changes to your rotation? And if so: What kind of changes?

I love Enhancement's current rotation, but an expansion is the perfect place to toy with ideas like this, and we know shamans are still under development. So talk up, bring up ideas, discuss. If rogue glyphs are any indication, Blue's are reading (:
In, i have quite list, however its 5am here so ill update in a few hours after some rest. Good post, a few things i disagree with. Mind if you help me with some keybinds and macros btw? Im an enhance shaman who could sure use the help.
Get rid of Searing Totem (we don't need it clogging our GCDs so much) and bake it's DoT stacking effect into Flametongue Weapon. Give us some utility Fire Totems that actually do stuff. (Think along the lines of Thrall's Rising Fire totem in Hour of Twilight, but different.) Give us either some sort of special resource that allows Haste to benefit it, thus increasing it's value, or just find some other way to make Haste more valuable to us because it's extremely sad in it's current state.

Our talents and glyphs are looking at extremely grim fates. The talents are especially dull and boring, and not even one talent specifically grabbed my eye and "wow'ed" me like some of the other classes' talents did. Also, the glyph that makes Ghost Wolf under movement impairing effects go to a minimum of 100% speed needs to STAY baseline as it is in live, as well as the glyph that makes our totems have 10% of our health needs to be BASELINE, not glyphed. Fix totem smashing once and for all.

Honestly, that's about it. We enhancement shamans are usually always mediocre at best, I don't want to be OP, I just want to be on par and not so damn crappy in PvP.

P.S.: Please fix our mana problems if the way it currently is in Beta is intended!

P.P.S.: If you want to make us slightly OP, take Lightning Bolt off the GCD so we can use our MW x5 as soon as it hits 5 stacks instead of putting it off for so long for more important stuff!
Shamans need a resource system like Paladins and Priests. I would probably say just Enhance and Elemental would. Give them each an ability that can only be used when you have "Elemental Power"; enhancement needs some sort of execute mechanic or spot to fill the gaps in the rotation, and Elemental could use one to do something other than LB or LvB.

This seems like an easy idea that isn't even OP. It's just another ability in the rotation of a class that has a "priority" system rather than a set rot.
Ok. Let's see...

04/07/2012 05:54 AMPosted by Serratusbrah
Get rid of Searing Totem

While I don't particularly like managing Searing Totem, I can concede it does work as an effective throttle. If you can come up with a good suggestion of "utility Fire Totems that actually do stuff", please, say them. What other option is there for a damage totem that can still work as a throttle for our DPS? Basically every spec has one of this mechanics, so don't try to get around that fact.

I can agree about the GW glyph, but that's because there are some clearly mandatory glyphs for PvP and PvE. Reducing the number of mandatory glyphs for anything should be a priority.

04/07/2012 05:54 AMPosted by Serratusbrah
fix our mana problems if the way it currently is in Beta is intended

That's a number's problem and beta is still not in the number's tweaking phase.

04/07/2012 06:14 AMPosted by Treeborn
and then incur some penalty found on every glyph

This I can sympathize, also. Most other glyphs feel like they make a mechanic change. Shaman glyphs feel lake they make a mechanic change and then penalize you for it. It becomes a sacrifice more than a "oh, shiny" option. And again, some of this sacrifices feel mandatory.

04/07/2012 11:15 AMPosted by Shamanist
Shamans need a resource system

How would you implement that? What would the resource do? How would you generate it? What implications would it have for the spec?

04/07/2012 11:15 AMPosted by Shamanist
enhancement needs some sort of execute

I've seen this comment come up a lot of times, but I don't really see it as necessary. We do have a pretty engaging rotation and we will now have three/four new damage cooldowns to manage and quite a few short-term utility cooldowns. I think that's enough.

04/07/2012 11:15 AMPosted by Shamanist
another ability in the rotation of a class that has a "priority" system rather than a set rot

You will certainly like Elemental Blast, then, now that it is affected by MW.

Anything else?
Ashunera posted this on the Beta Forums:
Out of curiosity, I went and tallied the active frequently-used abilities for Enhancement Shaman and compared it to an Arcane Mage. These are what is currently available on MoP beta, not live.

Here are the results, first number being baseline, the one in parentheses being the most you can get via talents

Offensive: 18 (20)
Defensive/Healing: 6 (8)
Utility: 10 (12)
Buffs: 4
Convenience/Flavor: 3
Abilities you won't use frequently in PvP or PvE combat: 3 (Healing Rain, Chain Heal, Rockbiter Weapon)
Frequently used in-combat abilities: 31 (37)

- Categorized Feral Spirit, Frost Shock and Earth Elemental Totem as offensive.
- Categorized Windfury and Flametongue as buffs, Rockbiter and Frostbrand as utility.
- Windfury is likely to be actively used shortly after Rockbiter or Frostbrand replace it, meaning if you use Rockbiter and Frostbrand, you're actually actively using up to 39 abilities.

Offensive: 14 (17)
Defensive/Healing: 1 (2)
Utility: 10 (12)
Buffs: 4
Convenience/Flavor: 17
Abilities you won't use frequently in PvP or PvE combat: 3 (Blizzard, Flamestrike, Frostfire Bolt)
Frequently used in-combat abilities: 22 (28)

- Categorized Frost Nova, Blink etc. as utility though they could obviously be classified as defensive as well.
- Categorized Mana Gem and Evocation as offensive. One talent makes Evocation a DPS cooldown, two others replace it completely with damaging-increasing abilities.

Often considered to be the class with the most tools, and the spec with the most tools of that class, I went and did the same for Subtlety Rogues.

Offensive: 13 (14)
Defensive/Healing: 4
Utility: 17 (20)
Buffs: 4 (6)
Convenience/Flavor: 2
Abilities that won't be used in combat: 4 (Distract, Shroud of Concealment, Shadow Walk, Throw)
Frequently used in-combat abilities: 30 (34)

- Distract, Shroud of Concealment and Shadow Walk, being stealth based utility, obviously aren't used "in combat" but could be considered "combat abilities" so it would bring Subtlety up to a maximum of 37 frequently-used abilities if they chose all 4 active talents they can.

The strongest utility class and spec in World of Warcraft has fewer buttons to press than we do. This is what I mean about too many abilities.

This supports the idea I want to discuss with this post: We need a revision on the number of our abilities, which I believe will lead to changes in our rotation.

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