2s class that goes well with warlock


I'm trying to get back into pvp after a long break since BC... what is a good.viable 2s team combo with a lock (I have one of every class except hunter and rogue) I am best at healing in pvp. Anyway any input would be appreciated.
Resto Shaman/Warlock is your best bet
I've played Spriest/Warlock also with some sucess
Shaman/lock is the only thing that won't make you completely hate the game, Warlocks are not very strong in 2s atm, but are still god tier in 3s/5s
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yes a gladiator can win in the 1700s running things like double dps warlock teams but it is a horrible comp


A gladiator player could probably !@#$ on 2's players beyond 2k with a warlock as destro.

There's a reason he's a gladiator player.

See: Gladiator players going 2k+ solo as a blood dk.
Heals: RSham is tried and true, but boring for both parties imo. HPally is solid as well, just not as good a place as RSham's right now. Disc is great on its own, but has less synergy imo, and RDruids are theoretically perfect for locks, but kinda hurting in PvP imo. DPriests and RDruids can and should find more complimentary comps imo.

DPS: Frost Mage works beautifully with warlocks, and even Fire to a lesser extent. Sub Rogues and Feral Druids are great too. Hunters are theoretically great to pair with locks, but I find that it doesn't work out so well in practice. SPriests can be amazing partners, but it does put a tremendous amount of pressure on the spriest imo as its a very unforgiving experience with neither partner having much in the way of outs.

And yes, it's a myth that you can't do well with a double dps team. It's also a myth that Aff is your only option. While I mainline Aff, if there's enough melee in the queue, I just go Demo and find it far less irritating to play. Demo is terrible in almost any context except 2's or 1v1.
Rogue, Shaman, Hunter, or anything that heals really.

It's 2v2, so not much strategical effort is going to be needed. It's really just about who has the better class.
Thanks all that really helps! I'll probably do resto Shammy and maybe pick up a rogue for a 3s team too
Rsham, spriest, mage

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