Warrior PvP Movie - Klinda

Hi guys please check out my new pvp movie!

!@#$in LEGEN wait for it DARY
Klinda #1
Klinda 11 *-*
Love from PvE Hero
It made me cry :3 I love you Klinda.
Klinda ftw /salute
Oh yeah ! <3
I went all :D thoughout the entire movie. Thanks, Klinda.
Great work!
Just finished watching it, was incredible def my new fav of all your movies :D
Very nice, brosef!!
o.O You're back?

I cried when i see you vendor your gear
So refreshing to see a non human pvp movie! Ty klinda
Watched it yesterday, nice job man. Well worth the wait.
Klinda 7 shadownourne warrior part 1 makes wanna bladestorm all day
Nice vid!

WTB Heroic Gurth lol

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