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Ive just read through blizz history pages and once again im left annoyed by the fact that most of Azeroths history starts when the Night Elves came to power around the well with an already established empire. It then goes into details about the War of the Ancients. Now my problem with the lore is that it was confirmed by Blizz that Night elves were once trolls, which isnt explained in this history page and anything before doesnt seem to exist only that the titans came and fought the Old Gods and the elementals and once they were caged up the Old Gods they began shaping the world.

Now Azeroth was already established prior to the titans arrival, with the old Gods and elementals reigning over the planet, BUT what was Azeroth like prior to the titans arrival and were there races already present such as trolls, tauren, furbolgs and so on.

The first major empire on Azeroth was the twin troll empires of the Amani and Gurabushi with the Zalandir trolls at the center. Blizz Can you expand on this lore, give us details of what the empires were like, and the battles the trolls fought against the Bugs and then the Night elves.

This would be a massive boost to Azeroths lore along with the Trolls, Tauren and Night elves. Night elves and trolls have had a hatred for one another for a long time but its never been stated why, only with 2 in-game books which dont give out too much info. Troll, night elves and tauren players have been asking for more lore for a long time, and they have very little to really show. Night elves pretty much kept to themselves after the War of the Ancients until hyjal invasion, Tauren basically were nomads battling the Centaur and Trolls were a scattered race with different clans doing nothing until the Darkspear showed up.

Orcs, Humans, Dwalfs, Undead have been the major players in warcraft, and with the Mogu and the Zalandir alliance resurfacing i hope and expect troll lore to get some attention as the Mogu have never been named until Mists was announced and even in past lore no mention of the trolls having allies until the first horde.

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