difference between shamans and druids.

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now, according to the lore, what exactly is the difference in abilities between shamans and druids? like, what is each capable of that the other can not do. i know that both can work with the weather to control storms, wind, rain and lightning. but after that, where to the nature magics diverge in capabilities?
Druids = Emerald dream, nature, animals, etc

Shamans = Elementals, making "bonds" with said Elementals, ancestors, etc
Druids are more focused on the natural side of stuff, whereas Shamans commune directly with the elements. Druids also seem to 'force' nature to do what they want, while most Horde shamans ask.
I like to think that Shamans deal primarily with the building blocks and Druids deal primarily with the final product, so to speak.

Shamans call upon pure elemental lightning while Druids cause the world to generate lightning through natural processes, like thunderstorms.

Shamans call upon elemental water, Druids generate a water-based natural disaster.

Shamans can speak with or harness the general essence of life itself, Druids can harness individual examples of life.

Druids don't often deal with things like the earth, though I would assume they can create things like earthquakes because they occur in nature. Shamans simply will the earth to move, no tectonics involved, so it isn't exactly an "earthquake" in the natural disaster sense.

Shamans call pure fire into existence, but Druids of the Flame are a little sketchy as far as how they work. Learning to harness the natural forces that exist in a Firelands environment would make sense, I think.
While it's not a hard and fast rule, druids generally stick to manipulating and working with living organisms (plants, animals and even a bit of fungus) while Shaman work with the inorganic parts of "nature". There is some overlap, though, since both druids and shaman can manipulate wind and I think there are a few shaman abilities based around plants.I have a theory that druids are, essentially, super-specialized shaman. While most shaman can control the four regular elements (earth, fire, wind, water), there does exist a fifth element, "wilds" or life, that's said to be incredibly hard for a shaman to command. Druids, in my theory, command the spirit of the wilds without even knowing it, and to do so, they eschew mastery of the other elements (aside from dipping in to the spirit of air for spells like cyclone or typhoon).
I feel like I should mention that Shaman is both plural and singular, like deer.
When was the last time you saw a shaman turn into a wild beast-Nevermind.

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