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I recently deleted a character and tried to change my other character's name to the one I deleted.

I know when characters are deleted, their names are locked for 30 days so only you can create a new character with the same name; however,

it would seem that the paid name change won't allow you to use the deleted name even though it was my character that was deleted.

Is this really the case? or do I just need to wait longer than a day before I attempt the name change?

This might be part of that "error" going around.

Put in a ticket to see about getting your name back.
no no it's not a forced name change or flagging or anything like that;

I'm trying to name change this character to the name of a character I recently deleted, and it tells me the name is not available even though I can create a character with the deleted name in-game just fine.
The same thing happened to me on this character. Hold the name with a level 1 toon and then put in a ticket and explain the name error occured during your transaction. They will do a forced change again and the name will unlock.

The reason it's happening is the system already thnks your current toon has that name. It's weird.
Was the deleted toon on the same account? Otherwise you will be locked out too.
04/08/2012 07:22 PMPosted by Theoris
Was the deleted toon on the same account? Otherwise you will be locked out too.

yes it was the same account
Simply deleting a character does not lock the name for any amount of time... only getting a character name change does that.

I have, on multiple occasions, deleted a character and then immediately created a new character with the same name.

When I used scrolls of resurrections on my inactive accounts recently, I deliberately used the server transfer on characters who had the same names as characters on the target realm. On that realm, I then made level 1 characters with the names I wanted the characters who were level boosted and realm transferred to have. Once the characters arrived on their new realm, I deleted the placeholders, and renamed the transferred characters with the same names that the placeholders had been given.
People, I understand this. But there is something "Wonky" going on with this as people have been posting about the exact same issue here in the forums.

Hence, me directing you to put in a ticket.

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