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So looking at some loot tables I can see that you are continuing down the same failed loot system of Cata, ergo making the heroic loot not worth the effort that is going to be required, so pretty much people will run them only when they have to then avoid them like the plague. I would suggest that to fix this you make it worth our while by adding unique gems, that can only be attained from the heroics like you did in BC. Expect do not allow JC's to cut them later down the road, they are unique to the heroic and will give propel a reason to run them.

Your formula failed in Cata, this is a simple suggestion that would help you not fail so hard this time around. I know that I have not run anything yet, but IMO one of the problems in Cata was the loot in the 5 man heroics, not being worth the effort required to attain said loot. I can get over not having purples in the heroics, and I know you have challenge modes and what not, but if you are still dead set on the regular -> 5 man heroic -> LFR -> regular raid -> heroic raid, then once again your heroic 5 mans are going to fall short. You are requiring to many steps with little re-playable rewards. Adding unique gems or patterns even will really help minimize this problem in my mind.

If I have to spend an hour or 2 running a heroic, then I better at least have a chance at getting something REALLY useful that I will not replace next week. It is called cost benefit exchange. With the LFR being as easy as it is (if your model continues in to MoP) then I am going to spend more time gearing up to raid then I am going to spend actually raiding.

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