Selling Teebu's Blazing Longsword!! X-Mog!

Looking to get 115k, you can haggle me a little and we can work out a price. I've seen this item sell for 150k. (Keep in mind I'm willing to sell it through the neutral AH.) PST me in game, If I'm not on my warrior I might be on my alt Revoqe. Happy hunting! Teebu's Blazing Longsword
Bump* currently a offer for 75k on alliance.
Why do you need screenshots?
Lol well im not scamming and ill show it it in trade if you PST me in game. if you got the gold its yours. there's a screen shot
This better go to the guild bank Shonky-tonk. You have too much gold.

<--- only has 60g in bags....
lol, GTFO zots <3
Bump, Asking 75k firm
Ill take 75k If you transfer Alliance
04/12/2012 02:28 PMPosted by Bimpy
Ill take 75k If you transfer Alliance

Wana do it through nutrial AH?
Considering selling it to Bimpy. BuMp

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