Shaman Glyph suggestions for MoP:

What glyphs/new abilities do you hope to see implemented for the Shaman class? Right now our glyphs for MoP are pretty unimpressive, imo. Our minor glyphs are so lame compared to what other classes are getting. Where are our awesome aesthetic glyphs? Maybe Blizz needs suggestions ;) So here are some ideas/hopes I have.

Glyph of Displaced Thunder - (major glyph) - allows you to choose where to summon your Thunderstorm ability within 30 yds of the caster. Increases cooldown to 1.5 min.
(This would mainly be a PvP glyph but it could definitely see advantageous use in certain PvE scenarios (like kiting or dealing with adds from range).

Glyph of the Blinding Blast - (major glyph) - your Elemental Blast ability now disorients enemy targets for 3 seconds, but costs 8% more mana.

I feel that Shaman are still a little lacking in CC when compared to most other classes, and this allows for Shaman who want more CC options to have it!

Glyph of Thundering Rain - (major glyph) - When your healing rain spells' periodic healing critically heals a party or raid member, they do 1% increased damage. This effect can stack up to 5 times. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Glyph of the Astral Wolf - (minor glyph) - changes the appearance of your ghost wolf form. (it would basically look like the summonable Feral Spirits, with maybe a slight transparent blue aura around it that would trail behind you a small length as you run).

As it stands currently, neither the standard or glyphed Ghost Wolf feel very Shaman-like. All it is, is just a transparent model. Doesn't feel very Astral/Elemental/Shamanistic. And, ghosts don't really go hand-in-hand with Shaman. Spirits, yes. Ghosts? What?

Glyph of the Storm - (minor glyph) - When you critically strike with Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, or Lightning Shield, you become visibly energized and leave arcing bands/coils of lightning behind you as you move for a short duration.

Glyph of Lupine Grace - (minor glyph) - Your Ghost Wolf form is now permanently able to walk on water.

Please, make suggestions if you have any glyph ideas. Blizzard must be waiting for inspiration on the forums so they can introduce better and more interesting Shaman glyphs, so let's give it to them!
I love the astral wolf idea. Right now, I use the glyphed version on my shammy, but even then, I feel out of place. The arcane looking cast and trail at the beginning just doesn't match up. As for the rest of them, I think we definitely need another cc, but one every 15 seconds seems a little strong.
I'm not gonna lie, I do like the Thunderstorm suggestion. Personally.
Thundering Rain is too RNG specific. I don't like that.

However, the other glyphs are reasonable. And I really like the aesthetic ones you listed. We do need more.

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