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arthas or unstabubble
You're a human! You have all manner of fantasy names to choose from that would make sense. You have nearly EVERY Paladin role model to perhaps base your name on a variation of theirs. Why resort to a overused pun that no one really finds funny anymore? If anything, they'll assume you're a noob.

Edited because I apparently can't catch a their/there error while typing.
Yoggsaron, the light of dawn.
It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! (Used to MS prot)
I rather enjoy my pally name. :)
I'm not clever enough :(
I like mine <3
Because I am.
Tyrionmfinglannister <-- not sure if that would fit, but it would be pro on a dwarf.
Personally I like mine and in my personal opinion I think that the alt codes look okay.

Mind you I try and maintain impeccable literary skills and refrain myself from using abbreviations, and always act as if you know everything; but if not than you know what to do

My mirror alt is named "Maximoos"
Hmmm I have this problem now. Trying to name Change.
I love my pallys name: bubbleoseven -- ima spy!
I don't know about funny, but I consider my name pretty epic ;)
My names is probably the best one I've heard haha
04/11/2012 11:17 PMPosted by Yoggsaron
Yoggsaron, the light of dawn.

This made me laugh so hard xD

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