Epic Clever Funny Paladin names

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My friend and his brother had 'Semper' and the other 'Fidelis'.
I had a lowbie tauren pally named Baconoflight.

Then when i qued into my first dungeon the smartass tank said "lol bacon is pork". Insta deleted him after i realized the failure on my side.
Best I've seen was a paly named Strike. His title was set to Crusader.
used to raid with a prot tank named Protroasted used to think that was pretty creative


guess there are 6 others :P
Libraham if no one has posted this yet.
There is nothing better for a DPS tauren paladin than Retbull.
i just killed the competition
My friend and his brother had 'Semper' and the other 'Fidelis'.

Hoo. !@#$%n. Rah.
Holyhandjob. That's my favorite. I thought of it well after I made this character though and I think it would get reported anyway. It's funny though.
my standard tank name is Emwon
if last names are allowed it is Emwon Abrams
My name
My beef is strong

My beef is strong
<--anal joke everytime I talk in trade
I want to use Bubbltrouble one day.
Im a little late but ive always liked myn :D
On my original server I had the name Obvious and my title was Knight-Captain.

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