Does anyone watch doctor who?

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Yes. Love the new stuff have watched all of the old episodes when they were on public television. Been a fan for over 20 years.
Anyone know when the new season starts?
04/09/2012 08:22 PMPosted by Opalessence
Matt Smith is kind of meh. I miss David Tennant.

I liked Christopher Eccleston. I actually prefer Smith to Tennant.

To Eccleston the role of The Doctor was just a job to him, and even referred to The Doctor as Doctor Who always which is a major mistake. Tennant actually grew up watching and liking the show and was a fan, which made his role all the more awesome. Matt Smith is okay so far. eager to see where the series goes.
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best series ever, all actors so far that did the doctor are amazing! cant wait for the next series xD
I watched Doctor Who for years, since the beginning. Unfortunately, it isn't available to me anymore and hasn't been for years.

I miss it. :(
Been watching since the mid-70s when I was in Britain and getting them all new on the BBC.

Draalei they are releasing most of it on DVD. I think they plan to get out everything in the archives eventually.
Every episode that is available to watch, I have watched. From the First Doctor to the Eleventh.
There's some of One and a large chunk of Two missing, sadly, but still - even though it's campy as all heck, watch it!
I personally don't have a favorite Doctor - to me, all of the Doctors are the Doctor, just each displaying different facets of his subconscious. The one thing that each of them keeps though is their insidious ability to manipulate others. It's fantastic.
Orc warrior alt named Daleck. Dr. Donna was pretty sassy too. Cpt. Jack and The Doctor and the Face of Boe. Good times!
"Been watching it, from the first Black and White Episodes."
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04/11/2012 05:03 AMPosted by Shimmerglade

I stared at that for a little to long lol.
i know right? i loved David...V+But the new guy is kinda growing on me.
I love the show ^_^

Can't wait until the new season starts....

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