Raid vs Raid Zangamarsh Challange to the [A]

Bleeding Hollow
We from Ironwolf Clan would like to challange the Alliance to a Raid vs Raid Duel in Zangamarsh.


We would like to fight on top of the toadstools one of the larger ones.

BOTH raids will be able to land and buff up BEFORE engaging in combat. We will have a sign from both raids such as "one person goes to the middle from each side... When both sides have one person there they will go back to there sides at the same time and combat will start" Or something like that we can work it out prior in vent.

Once a raid has been wiped we all will be able to rez on our starting sides eat buff up and do it again.

Please no poor play here as we hope to make this a regular thing on server where we can pvp outside of a "City Raid".
Yeah Z axis sounds so fun.Oh wait, the other thing. Plan it somewhere else. Z axis is literally the gayest thing around.
the alliance will never accept the challenge. they think they are good at pvp but they are not. as u can see they are already complaining about the area. eventually it'll happen in front of stormwind
im down for killin them anytime anywhere.
Crickets from the big bad alliance?¿

Poor poor Alliance will you ever make pvp die¿

Yes they say by being skkerredy katz and not doing any world pvp.

Figures we allways wait on the shortbuss kiddies.... Its a shame nobody on the alliance is into world pvp.
Speaking for the alliance, we decline your invitation. Thank you and have a nice day.
I'll come.
How about the barrens or Hillsbrad?? lotta good memories there.
04/11/2012 04:33 PMPosted by Kenokost
my friends old realm would do these world pvp battles pretty often and they would write the lore of the battle out on the forums before hand. we should get them started again on bleeding hollow for sure.
Was that, by chance, and RP PVP server? Probably won't fly here. Except for with Hengest. I've heard they only RP. But I think it's an interesting idea.
when is this raid happening?
04/15/2012 07:21 AMPosted by Smk
04/11/2012 01:05 PMPosted by Johnnydeeps
Speaking for the alliance, we decline your invitation. Thank you and have a nice day.
Going would only dignify ironwolf, which is just beyond retarded.

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