Bad Guys - 8/8 HM DS (10s) - LFM (25m MoP)

Bad Guys - Horde - Mal'Ganis - 25m (for MoP)

Website: (It's new, so please bear with us.)

Raid Schedule:

- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7:30-11:30 PM EST (Invites @ 7:00)

Dragon Soul Progression:

(H) Dragon Soul (8/8)


Bad Guys is a mature end-game raiding guild. We have a flat leadership structure, in that the guild is managed by all its members. We are laid back and fun on most occasions, but serious on raid nights. Bad Guys is a guild that raids only 3 days a week, but expects to move through content at the pace of more hardcore schedule guilds.


With our limited raid time, there are some expectations on raid nights. Members are expected to be proactive, both in bringing consumables and reading up on encounters. During raids, members are expected to be polite and considerate, but engaging and involved in raid assessments and discussions. Most importantly since we only raid 3 nights a week, we expect and depend on the raiding core to consistently attend raids. If you can't make one, post ahead of time, and if at all possible notifying us of it so we can plan around it if need be.Requirements:

- Maturity - Yes, we do prefer applicants over 18. But, maturity isn't a number so we would still welcome otherwise qualified applicants under 18.
- Gear - Not entirely an issue, but your knowledge of your class and performance are. None the less, we do expect you to have at least some decent gear along with appropriate gems/enchants.
- Deadly Boss Mods / BigWigs / Similar Addon
- Omen Threat Meter
- oRA3 (or any mod similar that speaks with CTRaid commands)
- Ventrilo – A microphone is not necessary, but being connected to Vent during raids is mandatory!
- Most able relax and have fun. It's a game.

Actively Recruiting (Please note we're fleshing out the roster for our transition back to 25m raiding, and as such have a larger list of needs):

Protection Paladin
Feral Dps
Retribution Paladin
Any melee with tank offspec
Elemental Shaman
Holy Priest
Resto Shaman

We're also willing to pass out invites for any interested in alt runs and/or just having a home.

Feel free to find Ilnadi, Alexares, Mánny, or Amaeyth in game with any questions!

Please keep in mind that exceptional applicants of any class are always welcome to apply. If you know some of our members and/or think you would be a great fit for us in terms of personality and skill, we'd love to hear from you as well! We archive every application we get and if raiding spots open up, those archived applications that we were unable to accept will likely be the first spot we look for great folks to join us.
These guys are laid back, cool as hell, and back their talk up with performance. Attendance issues have been their only issues, so step up and fill their void!

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