[H] 6/8 HM DS 10m looking for DPS and tank

Enrage Timer is 6/8 HM DS and looking for a tank and DPS. We're interested primarily in solid ranged DPS of the lock or spriest variety, but any skilled DPS are encouraged to apply. For tanks, warr is preferred but we're open to all talented applicants.

Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7-11pm server.

The more experience you have with DS HM the better. You should know your class/spec inside and out and be willing to chime in with your ideas and strats (we're a tight 10 man group and we look for input from every member.) Be gemmed and enchanted -- correctly, else we take you to an enchanting party in Silvermoon.

We're progression focused, semi-hardore-ish. Our players are usually serious when needed and laid back, having some laughs otherwise. We're LGBT friendly and expect the same in an applicant. Also, be 18 or over.

If interested, drop a line to myself or Defarge in game.

- Stabby
still looking for a reliable ranged dps!
18 or over PLEASEEEEE
you just want to be the youngest. don't worry we won't find anyone younger than 12
So if ya'll pay for xfer sure.
um bump..
Nice group here
Give me a hollar if your still looking for a RDPS. I have 8/8 experieince have done h-morchok but i am a fast learner.

Your post didn't enclude times and nights of raiding...

Hope its a fit to my schedule.


We're looking for reliable bodies, fast learners, and fun raiders! We still need a tank with a solid dps set and an extra ranged dps!

Send stabbythangs or myself an ingame mail/whisper if you're interested.
I went with you this week, and I am looking for a guild. My dps was a bit low, but it was my first go at heroics.

My offspec is pvp arms, but I do have a weak tank set (although i have not tanked in cata yet, and I would prefer not to.)
Hey Persaios, of course I remember and your DPS was fine! :)

We might be having an alt run at 7PM ST so if you are around, log on and whisper Firenine, or Defarge. We are ideally looking for a range DPS but we will consider all applications. Hope to see you then.
bump for new holy/disc priest.................... ;)

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