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Ok Here I am, a lowly level one paladin on Cenarion Circle. I am issuing a challenge. Kind of like an Iron man, but a bit different. I want to level a paladin to cap, however long it takes. But the restrictions are simple.

!. No heirlooms, use quest rewards and crafted items only.

2. Stay in character at all times, no cheating, even when someone asks you OOC, you have to answer IC.

3. Death is permanent..that is if you die because you are going over your head and doing things you should not be doing and you die...you have to reroll and start over as a relative, friend or lover, picking up the pieces of the dead ones life and use it as a reason to keep going. You can use part of the name as a tie in or last name or whatever. Using MyRp as a way to keep track of the events and deaths. This counts even in dungeons. This wil not be easy, I expect to die and reroll several times to do this.

4. Journal- I will be opening a thread here and on Cenarion Circle forums to track my progress. I expect if you join me and wish to participate in this difficult rp mission, you will post in the thread as well. You can die and leave this at any time. I only ask you keep up as long as you are committed to doing this in character. I don't even mind finding new friends along the way, that is anyone can join us at any time and do the challenge.

5. Rewards? The satisfaction of rping a character from level 1 to 90 should be its own reward. I want dedicated rpers and people who enjoy writing and creating a story. I am willing to put up 1K gold and set up a pool? But it is not necessary.

Any questions or suggestions post them here and we will see how long it takes to get this set up.
Can alliance do this as well or is this meant to be a group story thing? CC happens to be my second alliance serer (MG and ER are my horde. I don't mix.), but this is a really neat challenge.
I don't see how the reward is even worth that. RPing a character from 1 to 90 can be extremely irritating.
I said I would post a 1Kg, but I was thinking of making that like an entry and having someone else hold it, but that leads to someone cheating, I would prefer it to be a strictly rp challenge and have bragging rights. The thing is , not everyone will want to cough up 1K to get in, but if that is the way to go we can find a neutral party who is not entered to hold the stakes.

That means if you want to do it, cough up 1K and then you have to stick to rules. Journal it and keep track of deaths, etc. Each person would have to enter the 1K. The one who makes it to 90 will get half of what is raised. Second place or the second half will be the one who makes it with the least amount of deaths.

Or we could do a sliding scale and have 5 places to finish. It depends on how many will actually enter and stick with it. I am thinking it would be good to do a fifth place prize to the one who does it with the MOST deaths and restarts.

This could take a long time to do, so I am saying it will be hard to enforce and keep people honest about it. That is why I think it would be better to say do it for the fun and not for the gold.

Keep in mind we can look up a lot of info on the armory on a character. Going from 1 to 90 without dying?

Do it without epic gear unless it is won by quest rewards? And I am thinking dungeons would be a real killer especially at higher levels. Raids would also be hard. Epic gear would mean something because it would have to be crafted or won as rewards. No buying of gear should be allowed.

Again I want some kind of response on what is reasonable and what is totally ridiculous.
You had me until the the paying 1k part...I have no characters at all on CC so, yeah

But, yeah, I love the idea of this challenge and would love to take it. I'm going to assume that this is going to be on Horde side and with Blood Elves, if this is a group going through thick and thin kind of thing?

I really don't mind, been awhile since I played a Blood Elf...and I've been having some ideas about my next Blood Elf, or maybe use an old one..

But more than likely not my ex-Illidari Demon Hunter...probably can't do a thing with that one at the start, not until BC-content (Outlands, lol) at least >.>

EDIT: Thought I would clarify on what I meant by 'BC'
So this had some good and bad ideas

1. rping all the time and in dungeon groups sounds like a funny and cool idea but also might be a way to easily get kicked.

2. The one death and reroll thing is something I never liked in ironman challenges because it would be stupid to start all over again just because you died by a dc or some troll decided to pull every mob in the dungeon and ninja leave.
there probably wouldn't be any dungeon rolling, which would make sense to me...

This is kinda a challenge to do a one shot thing with no deaths and RPing the entire time...unless you are going to go for a full team of RPers, that'll be impossible to do in dungeons...

So this might be a purely questing thing
ok so what I am saying is what would constitute an acceptable "challenge" ? If I make it too easy it is not a "challenge". If I make it too hard no one will stick to it...so where is the right amount of "challenge" and "easy" ?

And really I prefer not using the gold thing. I am just afraid I won't get anyone to join me if I don't offer some kind of reward.

So what is a good reward or justification for doing this? I would just do it for the fun of rp.
There really is no balance when it comes to challenges...especially for something of this design.

And as rewards? To me, personally, I would do it just for the hell of it. Really, I would, something I had actually though of before but never thought I would actually get around to doing...could be an opportunity.
So to make it clear.....you roll a blood elf. No matter what class, that is up to you. I am better at healing. You rp meeting with my character. We become friends and help each other. If one dies, it's a re roll, not same character...but a relative, or some friend, who knew them, takes up the same role, remembers the previous character. Just the one who dies rerolls mind you.

What do you think of the other rules? I want to make this a challenge, to stay in character. The armor...I think if you do a quest and get green or blue armor it is ok, or if you craft good armor it is ok.

As for the journal. I want it to be a major part of the experience. We can each post our thoughts and feelings on the things that happen. I think we can also use the journal to plot out new happenings and directions.

So if you have any thoughts voice them now. I am open to start this tomorrow or the weekend , no matter, I am willing to devote a certain amount of time per day to this, but not necessary to do it every day. Real life takes precedence.

Who is interested? So far I see a number of posters with objections and a few with enthusiasm. @ Aumoe, yes I prefer Horde side. If you agree to start with us that is fine. Anyone else? Post here on your level 1 character and tell your time zone and we will begin. I imagine we can go at our own pace and meet when we can. As long as we are on the same server, Cenarion CIrcle.

There will be no gold or money exchanged. This is simply a challenge for rp. for its own sake.
I love this idea, it won't let me select the character i just made for this to post as, so i'm posting as this guy the first character I will bring on this will be a mage named Telord. my timezone is -06:00 GMT central time and I am looking forward to this. :)
I like the idea as well. Wouldn't it be nice if we share in game names so we can RP together and keep track?
I may be interested in doing this as well. I'll likely be playing a warlock or a shadow priest. I'm in Atlantic Standard Time, -4:00 GMT
Just post the server time and I'll show up.

I'll be playing a rogue named Vynardros.
i would be interested in this but the 1k buy in is a bit high for people rerolling on a new server...not all of us can afford server transfers.

im redownloading the client onto my main hd atm so i hope it helps with load times vs external hd.
I won't be able to do anything over the weekend, I'm going to the next state over all the way till mid-late monday

Oh well, it was an interesting challenge...maybe I'll do it on my own one day xD, have fun y'all

EDIT: And @Tillnexttime...she decided not to do the gold thing dude :P
Ok I like the responses!! Again, this is strictly an rp challenge. NO GOLD or money involved. I will get on my character here and start leveling. Put my name on your friends list and contact me in game. If your times to play do not match mine it is ok. We can do this solo pretty much, and get together when we can.

Remember to stay in character. I will allow whispers to begin to simply make contact. I will post a journal on Cenarion Circle forums and link it here. Make your stories lore compliant as much as you can. No need to be extremely complex. I expect anyone who is going to do this to make some interesting stories we can all read. Try and keep your grammar and spelling good.

Nenj, feel free to join us at any time. If it makes things easier for you all we can make a guild and level it or not, up to you guys. Main thing is to have fun and stay in character!
I'm in! I can't make any guarantee about time commitments, and a guild sounds like a great idea, but I'm in! I'm a (kinda) veteran to the forums, and forum RP in general, but I've never had much to do with in game. This seems like a good way to start!

I'll have a paladin, probably, probably a Belf.
Ok going to start the Journal thread, I will leave this as an OOC thread. So far we have a number of us to level 6. A list as follows.

1. Kara Vaelia- (deaths-0) paladin

2.Telord-(deaths-0) mage

3. Kriest'Alan-(deaths-0) warrior

4. Kellatira-(deaths-1) paladin. (Our first death she was Aliara)

5. Ikthael-(deaths-0) rogue

Anyone else wants to join whisper any of us in game and add your name here and I will update as we go. Don't forget to post your stories in the Journal. We are in process of doing a guild it is called Rising Sun Fellowship. I have decided to allow guild perks as we gain them. As long as we do not get too much outside help from other alts. Let's try and make this a fun experience. I am having a blast so far!

Link to the Journal!

So, armory still hasn't updated Kel yet, for future reference, Allaynna = Kel'Tira. I'll be posting in the journal thread shortly!

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