Best Race???

Hey there. I want to start a Subtly Rogue, and was interested in what race/races make the best rogues, specifically for the Subtly talent tree. I dont care what faction they are.

Also, whats the best professions? That will give me either the best perks and bonuses
worgens the best i think, for the +1 crit =)
Night elf is a good option since you can Ambush out of Shadowmeld for added Find Weakness uptime.

Trolls have Berserking: a 20% haste for 10 seconds every 3 minutes which should be used off the pull and stacked with Shadow Dance after that. They also have the added advantage of 5% additional damage against beasts (like Chimaeron), and the potential to handle snares better.

As of right now, BS is the strongest profession as you can socket an extra 2 epic red gems, putting it ahead of the other crafting professions by 20 agility.

Any other crafting profession would be your second best choice, but JC is worse than the others by 29 agility since they didn't buff chimera's eye gems when epic gems were released.
PvP has different optimal races than PvE, so it depends a bit on what you're planning to focus on. I know human is the ideal alliance race for PvP, I'm not sure about horde.

Night elf and troll definitely take the top spots for PvE though, their racials are excellent.
Human is the best PVP race. EMFH is just so powerful. The ability to equip an overpowered PVE trinket instead of a freedom trinket is HUGE. Human rogues will do more damage than anyone else in a PVP setting. If you want to play on the Alliance, human is the way to go.

Hordewise, you have a few choices. UD has WOTF, which is still nice even with the nerfs. Orc blood fury and stun reduction are nice as well. BE has a silence, which can be clutch in pvp. I would recommend UD, WOTF is nice and they have the best animations imo.
As an orc I do like being able to macro my blood fury and on use pvp trinket to my shadow dance. i wish i was blood elf or undead though for pvp. the silence which restores energy as well or WOTF would be great. With how much !@# the horde are at bgs I'm tempted to go human more and more every day.
Alliance PvE - Worgen
Alliance PvP - Human

Horde PvE - Orc
Horde PvP - Undead

For profs, do any combination of blacksmithing and enchanting / alchemy / leatherworking / inscription if you really want to max your stats.

I just do enchanting / alchemy on this toon because being able to DE stuff from raids / BG's and having double duration flasks with the ability to make them is more important than 20 extra stats to me.
but whats the overall best choice? i do pvp and pve so overall for both, what is the best race?
Nightelf best overall just read the rasials
NE has the best agility base stat, so highest dps boost potential goes to them, but i've found switching to worgen has helped as far as the 1% crit goes, but the extra short sprint has made itself useful on some boss encounters.

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