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Having returned to WoW from a 4 month break, I'd like to get back into raiding. The guild I am currently in is pretty much dead ( save for my bestie and his BF) and the ideal goal is to reform the guild to start 10 man raiding again. I left shortly after Rage of the Firelands patch was released ( due to work and life drama blah blah blah) and at the time we were almost finished BWD ( up to starting Nef attempts and ventured into BOT ( though i was never able to make those runs.)

So now that Dragon Soul has been out and the introduction to LFR ( will be on my second run this week), I was hoping to gear up and have our guild start raiding. Ideally I'd like to finish where we left off with BWD and BOT and to ultimately make our way through Firelands. Having run LFR It's safe to say that the raid as a whole is very underwhelming, sure Madness and Spine are enjoyable and i know the 10 man/25 man have added mechanics and abilities. Firelands on the other hand looks like pure enjoyment with much neglected challenge.

So my question is nay or nay on actually completing the rest of the raids and then make our way to Dragon Soul for the experience, content and challenge?
I would say no to returning to BWD and BoT, because you won't get much of a challenge, and you won't really be able to judge how well your group will be able to work together. I would say going back to Firelands wouldn't be too bad of an idea, however with the 15% nerf to Dragon Soul, I think you guys would be fine just working on Morchok. He's extremely easy, and you really shouldn't wipe more than 5 times before you kill him, assuming everyone's at 378 iLvl and knows their class. If you guys aren't at a gear level suitable for Dragon Soul, I'd try to do Firelands and down however many bosses you can, and then do HoT's until you've got enough gear.

EDIT: It's not just Spine and Madness that have added abilities. Every boss has a new ability. Except for Morchok, I think he stays the same. I'm not sure if the armor debuff is in LFR or not.
04/03/2012 02:14 PMPosted by Justsmile
LFR is like the for retards version of DS.

While I hate the wording and mentality of this, it is true that LFR is a nerfed down version. I merely mentioned it as a way to gear up along side VP gear for actual 10man raids :]

@ Loofie: Thanks for the advice, I guess the completionist in me really wants to finish those older raids to see the content :p. Firelands is like a nergasm for me, the premise and nostalgia make it far too much to pass up. I kinda wish it was also in the LFR so im not dependent on others to actively commit to a raid.

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