PvP Reforge Tool

The reforge sites I've seen all focus on pve. How am I supposed to get my perfect 5% hit? With a little tweaking, WoWReforge works perfectly.


Load your character in; scroll to the bottom of the page.

If you are melee, change the following (**numbers explained at the bottom)

Cap #1 Hit at least 601 (this gives you at least 5% hit)
Cap #2 Expertise close to 601 (this gets you close to 20/20 expertise, if desired)

If you are caster, change

Cap #1 Hit at least 410 (this gives you at least 4% hit)

Now, hit optimize; you should get your numbers very close. You'll also see the reforging cost.

Hold on, though -- your secondary stats may be wonky. For example, when I do this on my rogue, it takes a lot of my crit (which is my best) and turns it into haste (which isn't as good).

If you see stats that need tweaking, click Expert Mode in the top right; now you can move the stats around as you like. In my example, anything changed to Haste I now flip to Crit.


Explanation of numbers used. All values are for a level 85 character.

Each 1% of melee hit equals 120.109. Therefore, 5% hit is 600.54, which rounds to 601.

Each 1% (4/4) of expertise equals 120.1088. Therefore, 5% (20/20) expertise is 600.544, which rounds up to 601.

Each 1% of spell hit is 102.45. Therefore, 4% spell hit is 409.78, which rounds up to 410

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