Buggy Raid Frames.... still?

Bug Report
I've seen a number of threads about this issue.
Any time your in a raid and someone leaves/joins the raid the frames are no longer in the correct order. So if you click on their unit frame you select someone else.

Blizz could we please get a status update on this issue? As is stands right now you cannot heal in LFR or a Battleground without hitting /reload about 50 times to correct the frame order.
As a general rule, Blizzard does not give ETAs on bug fixes. There are exceptions, but they are far and few between. Most blue responses here are just "We are aware of this issue. Thanks!" (which tends to upset people who come later when they see the blue response and it is still not resolved - so I can see why they don't respond to more threads).

And for the record, asking for status updates on existing issues is a violation of this forum's policies.
Something needs done about this, I don't think they know about.
It has never been added to Known Issues List, nor has any blue said they where aware if the problem.

All healers are forced to use UI addons since 2010 when the bug started.
We need this fixed now not later as it is truly game breaking for all healers.
I am sure tanks run into it from time to time too when they click to taunt off party members but healers are constatly seeing the problem.

I see many minor bugs listed in Known Issues List each time it is updated and other small bugs getting fixed in each patch, why has this one not been fixed yet?
Agreed. I refuse to use any healing addons but this issue can be crippling in LFR. I have learned a lot of workarounds for when there's no time to reload my ui between fights, but it's certainly irritating for a purist who likes to work within the bounds of the game's native ui. To my way of thinking I should have less issues, not more.

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