Can you please make Assassinate Creed a daily

Rogue legendary quest Assassinate Creed was amazing would love to see it as a daily, but currently the only way to redo the quest is to relevel a rogue and pay for a pickpocket =/.

I personally found it to be genuinely challenging. And a lot of fun after you get the hang of it, the boss is almost unsoloable at the end but would love to see more stealthy quests like this.

While im thinking about it, I think it would be a good idea once a quest chain/zone has been completed it'd be cool (possibly as a reward for completing a questline/zone be able to pick your phase or something?) especially with a lot more phasing being integrated its almost counterproductive that I cant party with a friend who is leveling to help with a part of a quest who is in an earlier phase.


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