Ravenholdt RP guild reviews- TE+Aurastorm

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Thank you for your kind words towards Twilight Empire. My posts were merely made because I believe that some of the thoughts you posted, while certainly valid from your personal perspective, had alternate interpretations that I felt could be explored.

As far as contacting me to discuss your thoughts about new member integration and other guild-oriented ideas, I’m more than happy to converse with you about this. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am available through Private Messages on the TE site or via email. As my schedule is extremely busy these days, my in-game time is limited and rather sporadic at the moment.

I also want to thank you for explaining your true motives for this thread, though I must admit that I was somewhat concerned to see that you felt you had to disguise your motivations. You stated in your original post:

04/04/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Oldwizard
If you are a GM of one of the guilds of which I speak of, please do not get bent out of shape. This brief article's purpose is not to bash you, but rather help new players based on my personal opinion.

Yet now you reveal that:

04/05/2012 12:33 AMPosted by Oldwizard
The actual purpose of this review was to take the two best guilds I was ever in, and attempt to compare them to the guild alliance/guild I am forming in a fashion that incorporates the best aspects of both. However, I decided to disguise the article as a review to get the criticism necessary for such a task.

I’m unsure why you felt you could not be honest with the community up front and say that you wished for input and critiques for your own guild/alliance. In the future, from one guild master to another, I would suggest that you honestly and sincerely present yourself to the community, without disguising your posts or motivations. A guild’s reputation consists of the aggregate reputations of its members – so being a good example to them is an excellent start as guild leader. Instead of framing your original post as an objective review of the RP guilds of Ravenholdt in order to solicit insight/publicity for your own RP guild, perhaps a better route would have been to frame this as a discussion.

For example, you might have made a post introducing yourself, your guild, and your ideas for your guild. After that, you could have made generalized observations (without naming other guilds) about your experiences with guilds and what aspects of those guilds you would like to incorporate into your own guild and then what aspects you would like to improve on. And then you could have asked for insight, feedback, and critiques of your ideas.

I think a post like this would have been better received by the community than a post that masks itself as objective, critiques different RP guilds in a way that (now that your revealed purpose was to compare them to your own guild) seems underhanded, haphazard, and in some cases inaccurate, and then reveal that you were disguising your original intent. While your original post purports to be objective from your perspective, I can’t help but feel that posting ‘issues’ that you see with other guilds was a somewhat unprofessional way to solicit publicity/ideas for your own guild.

Of course, I will freely admit that some of my disappointment stems from the fact that it was my guild and its reputation that you chose to use for your own purposes. As I mentioned in my previous posts, the reputation of TE is something that many people have devoted hard work and time to building up. It's understandable why we would be concerned when someone posts their personal 'issues' with the guild on the realm forums in a way that doesn't necessarily come across as supportive.

Again, I would have been happy to share ideas, strategies, and lessons that I’ve learned over the years. I think that guild masters are an excellent resource for ideas and support. All you need to do is ask =)

P.S. Oh my, Cayreth! I'd forgotten about raiding Kara! That was so long ago - back when I was in awe of any and all max-level content. So many memories! Like when I won that staff and said I would never, ever give it up because I was so excited to have it. In fact...it's likely in my bank somewhere...
Needs more drama.
04/05/2012 09:05 AMPosted by Lukar
Needs more drama.

I concur. All this "reasoning" and "compromising" and "agreeing to disagree" makes me sick.
04/05/2012 09:05 AMPosted by Lukar
Needs more drama.


<insert insulting comment about your gear / gems / spec / etc. >

You're a baddie!
04/05/2012 09:41 AMPosted by Draxonicar
All this "reasoning" and "compromising" and "agreeing to disagree" makes me sick.

Shut the hell up! I'm right and you're wrong!

(Is that better?)
Ill hit you up in game. I have read a few of your recent posts, you seem like a helpful person.
Also, I have a problem with smoking weed when I am on the computer, so chances of what I write are every now and then conflicting/incoherent.
When you review House Ravensong can you please include the words "Unicorn", "Sparkles", and "Magic" at least once in it?

Or if you can't- we would also accept a compliment sandwich. You can level with us....just make sure it's surrounded by flattery.

04/05/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Tahlasar
I concur. All this "reasoning" and "compromising" and "agreeing to disagree" makes me sick.


<stabs Draxonicar with a halibut>
Wait, wait... Draxonicar/Tahlasar Slash????
04/05/2012 05:08 PMPosted by Oolaki
Wait, wait... Draxonicar/Tahlasar Slash????

brb writing fanfic
04/05/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Antimony
Wait, wait... Draxonicar/Tahlasar Slash????

brb writing fanfic

<dips quill in ink and starts to scribble energetically>

Tahlasar had caught the Blood Elf drowsing in a hot spring. The afternoon light filtered green through the lush foliage of the Un'goro Crater jungle. The perpetually chill, dead flesh of the Death Knight glistened, still wet from the nearby spring. Tahlasar couldn't help but notice its smooth perfection beneath his claws....
This thread is looking up.
I....I need an adult? O.O

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