Tue. April 10th 6/7H FL 10m @ 8pm

Area 52
** http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raid/4655 **

As the title says, 6/7H FL 10m

This will be a smooth run i ask that you have 6/7h cleared on the char your coming on or at least have H exp in FL.

The run will start at 8pm server and go for at most 2hrs to 10pm server (i plan on under 2hr but to be safe)

I will provide feats and flasks

Will be doing this run weekly for 4-5 weeks so returning players are welcome

Loot will be MS>OS, Mounts are free role

Essences/Siphons - Reserved
Cinders - res
Embers - res

If interested please post here, or send me in game mail. (server Kilrogg)

*as well im hosting this on www.openraid.us you can look it up on there and sign up also.
A tuesday night? Boourns Twisted! Boooourns!

I would go but I'll likely be doing DS...if I'm not working.
I would be very interested in this. I am 13/25 for Embers, and would like to have them reserved if possible. Have 6/7 H down, on a combination of toons. Ele main spec, but can also heal if needed.
I am very interested, 23/25 embers now, hopefully can get the two from the only two bosses left this week. Have 6/7 HM exp, and several attempts on H rag.
i forgot to do calendar inv's but if you guys are on your in, could use a tank still, post here if your interested. and i know Navek tuesday is horrible
I'll actually be free now if you have a DPS spot for this Twist - would love to go - just need to do my crystal creation thingy on Beth and then the extra boss for the Branch...if that could be worked in super quick.

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