<Animosity>[A] - Recruiting for 25 Man DS!

Greeting, Animosity is currently opening up recruitment to Healers and DPS (M/R)! Our raid times are; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:00pm Server Time and end ~9:00pm Server Time. If you can meet these requirements see below for our class needs!


Disc Priest - Medium
Holy Priest - Medium
Restoration Shaman - High**
Restoration Druid - High
Holy Paladin - Low

Ranged DPS:

Hunter - No Openings
Fire Mage - Medium
Warlock - Medium
Shadow Priest - Medium
Balance Druid - High
Elemental Shaman - High**

Melee DPS:

Rogue - No Openings
Frost Death Knight - High
Feral Druid - Low
Retribution Paladin - Medium
Enhancement Shaman - High**
Arms Warrior - Medium


Protection Warrior: Low
Protection Paladin: Low
Feral Druid: Low
Blood Death Knight: Low

If you meet the above criteria please PST Bimpy in game for more information upon joining the guild. Please have a 395+ iLvL, DPS will be required to do a short 1:30 DPS test on Raiders Target Dummy as a part of the recruitment process. Thank you and have a great day!

** Extreme Demand
Edit: Arms Warrior - Low
Edit: Wrrior - No Spots Open

Resto Shaman - Extremely High**
Resto Druid - Extremely High***

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