LFM RBG's Alliance

Name/Realm: Twominds - Dreadmaul
Class: Death Knight
Spec: Frost/Blood
Exp: None
Resil: 4557

realID: hot_stuff227@hotmail.com
Syncratic - Lightbringer
Holy or Ret
No RBG exp, 2k in arena and 2.2k on a resto shaman
4.2k resilience (Holy) / 3.9k resilience (Ret with 2pc T13)

have all appropriate gems, reforges and enchants on gear...also have all ablilites key bound and BG addons. Fast dispells, mana burns, fears etc...

Please be decent and capable of 1750+

4.8k resil 1689 current rating
real id Sk8ergirl838@gmail.com
5k res tank willing to redo gear for full PvP tanking. 1725 CR willing to go higher with better group.
4.2k resil
Sub Rogue
Lots of arena exp in BC was 1900+ looking to start off my rbg career
real id - ryandalenjohnson@gmail.com
Prot/arms Warrior 1568cr half cata
Fire/frost/arcane Mage 1876cr full cata
Elemental/resto Shaman 1960cr full cata

Skype: razoria.wow
Disc priest 1330cr
Almost full cata
real ID dark_valus@hotmail.com
Marks Hunter
4.5k resil
No rbg exp. However i do Ton's of Bg's

real id Wowdmabpa24@gmail.com
Arm's warrior. I just came back to wow and finished my gearing up. apparently no one will run any arena/rbg's without CR or achieve.. maybe you guys will be different..

arkwar, lightnighs blade. 4.5k resil
I am from Whisperwind.
This is my dk, 2.1k exp in 3s. 1.8k in rbg.
I also have a rogue which has daggers and H vial.

I perfer play on my rogue for RBGs. Contect me by real Id: 065wuhao@gmail.com
Terawyn on Lightning's Blade.
Discipline priest.
4.6k resilience.
Very little RBG experience, but have run tons of BGs. Current realm is near dead for any form of organized PvP.
Pizzapits on Emerald Dream
Holy Paladin
Currently 4266 resil but getting new pieces daily
No RBG experience but run lots of BGs and arenas
contact me: larrythelobster@gmail.com
Name/Realm: Katieroo Tichondrius
Class: Paladin
Spec: Holy
Exp: 2k (CR 1930)
Resil: 4900

realID: davis96720@yahoo.com

Interested in 1900-2k rbgs
Brøfist- Fizzcrank
Class: Death Knight
Spec: Frost
Exp: 1650 (Cr 1600)
Resil: 4900

Can put out some crazy burst :)
Realid: Brofistwillferal@gmail.com
(ø in my name is alt-0248 for PC users, alt-o for Mac users)

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