What "kind" of rogue are you?

The kind of douchebag who vanishes just as the party wipes only to /lol at every single one of them
a dark assassin, striking from the shadows without remorse and disappearing without a trace. 1 SHOT %#*$&
Kuyk - Forest Ninja

Syic - Out for profit and personal gain

Gargoil - Street thug part of a bigger machine.
When I first decided?

I was more of a stealthy, attacking-from-the-shadows kind of rogue.

Now, I'm more of this kind of rogue:

chop, stab, chop, stab, chop, stab.
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chop, stab, chop, stab, chop, stab.

Ahh, the sounds of a combat rogue. I favor assassin and sub because of the benefits from stealth. I push my limits on remaining hidden, sneaking up under the boss's nuts even though I can shadowstep there on the pull.

I carry an insane amount of poisons in my bags- of every kind- so I'm never caught off guard, and although I think of myself as an ally to my fellow raiders, I cheat death whenever possible. Not because I'm
04/05/2012 10:39 PMPosted by Shadwphoenix
The kind of douchebag who vanishes just as the party wipes only to /lol at every single one of them

but to use the mass rez. I'm a softy, I know.
Well, come time for MoP, assassination could become incredibly OP.

Consider this.

Go into a fight with overkill proc'd and ready to go. Once it falls off, if you're a night elf, pop your shadowmeld, go into stealth, and it procs a second time (starting it's two minute CD). Once your second overkill proc falls, vanish, restarting Overkill a third time. That's all well and good, as it stands now, but when MoP hits, Assassination spec can pick up Preperation, meaning that they can reset their Vanish and get a FOURTH overkill proc.

By that time, you'll have maybe a minute before you're able to shadowmeld again with it's two minute CD being nearly half depleted.
What kind of rogue am I? Which ever kind does the most DPS.
Smoke screens, heavy theatrics, a few well placed distractions and a voice that convince a fish to jump out of the water.
I fancied myself a forest stalker and skirmisher, something part way between wood elf waywatchers and wardancers in Warhammer.
My first rogue was a nelf rogue that I leveled as combat to be a swashbuckling type rogue. In TBC when perception was very important in arena, and after hemo got buffed to do a % of weapon damage, I leveled this human rogue as hemo swords with the ninja thought in mind.
A low down, dirty fighting one. the one that Isn't found unless I want to be. The type that can sneak into Stormwind and have a picnic and disappear before anyone notices.
Carefree, doing what I want when I want, taking whatever happens to catch my eye, at the point of a blade if necessary and then vanishing into the night before the guards show up.
stealth to get to those wow hot springs when they will be created ! lol i have my hopes to peep on some girls!!!!
What "kind" of rogue are you?

The one that stabs you in the back.
I'm that obnoxious guy who poofs in, makes a flashy speech, then smoke bombs out, only to have my smoke bomb fail as I stand there awkwardly. I then promptly make my exit - by running on the heads of everyone in my way.
04/06/2012 03:05 PMPosted by Simplify
Dragon slayer.

Karyou no Hoko?
Sword for hire a neutral entity watching from the shadows.

also not waking the wife is a good thing lol!

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