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I demand justice.
I demand justice.

I demand justice... I demand retribution... I am the law.
In times of strife we find ourselves pressed to save the virtues that we herald and praise for. Honor. Glory. Tradition. We will not stoop ourselves so low that we relinquish these burdenous shackles for they are the chains that separate us from the rest of draeneity, or indeed the Horde. There will be a reckoning my friends. One that will come when both sides teeter on the brink of destruction, when the Sky will turn black from the chaotic Darkness. It is then that both sides will see their folly, their misgivings and gather together as a great army of the Light.

- An excerpt from Solinii's journal
I sometimes fear that my uncertainty will get the best of me. I hold myself dearly to the teachings that my mentor passed onto me, but I am plagued with the notion that they are not the best practice. Sometimes I have thought them wrong, or simply silly, but somehow they come around to prove me wrong, and this is what more than likely lead to my demise, and my fall.

I am ashamed for what I have done, for what I lead myself to believe is the darkest chapters of my life, but I am hopeful that I can hold on and do what I must. It is Osuro who I must thank the most. He's been an ever standing pillar, a beacon of Light where my doubt clouds me. He tells me that even when I went down the path of damnation that I always held myself high above unscrupulous tasks, but this I cannot be sure of. No man, or woman can be sure of what I have done, except the souls that were stained by my touch. I often find myself praying for forgiveness from the Light, the Naaru, or the spirits of my ancestors, but these words feel hallow. I can't shake the suspicion that Osuro just wishes to comfort me and not talk about what it is that I've done, or how I've transgressed our ways. Maybe it's for the better.

-An excerpt from Solinii's journal.
06/26/2012 06:15 AMPosted by Solinii
I am the law.

I woke up to pandemonium. The soft glow of magically conjured orbs lit up the room, and several medics surrounds me as well as people that I considered my friends: Mordrime, Talrent, and Athynas. The list goes on, and but out of all of them only Osuro regarded me with a thimble of kindness. They looked at me as if I was some... creature. A confusing, and complicated quandry. Their eyes never met mine, nor did they seek out to. Glances and glowers were all that were my answers when I tired to press for questions. Why was I in the Dalaran medical facility? Why did I have this splitting headache?

When Osuro asked what the last date I remembered was, his cheeks turned ashen, and he softly explained that I had spoken of an event four months prior. I did not believe him. How could I lose that much time? It was an answer that I regretted hearing, for when he finally did I instantly felt my stomach sink to the bottom of my hooves. This could not be true.

Afterwards, I felt a blanket of fatigue wrap over my shoulders and beckon me to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep though, not with the information Osuro spilled into my ears. It was irrefutable though, I could see the burn on my arm and for the first time I felt like a shadow had been casted on my soul. When I could not rest on my own, one of the nurses chanted a spell and closed my eyes, only then did I find solace.

-An excerpt from Solinii's journal
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After my rest I didn't feel much better. My head feels like it was split in two, my right knee stings , and even my arm feels a residual ache that lingers, it is that pain that I am adamant on feeling for the rest of my life. It's a symbol that has left my soul weak, and my resolve even weaker, even if it is to now serve a reminder of what it is that I've done, what I am capable of in my darkest hour.

One of the concerns that Osuro had was retribution for my crimes, both from my time in their service, and from the political mechanism of the organization itself. Athynas has taken it upon herself to guard my bed while I am weak, and still recovering. Light bless her soul for being so diligent in her duty. She's one of the few to hear my story and believe it, but not without some lingering doubts. I don't blame her, not after what I've shown what it is that I formerly was. Even now, she stands over by the medical supplies with her hefted up on her knee, fiddling over some plans as she keeps watch.

Osuro comes by every so often to update me on the Broken Doll chase, and told me that I am not allowed to participate because of my former affiliations. This has wounded me greatly, but I have accepted it as punishment for my actions, even if I don't remember them. I find it hard to come to terms with what many have said that I have done. Can I really be judged for something I can no longer recollect? Am I the same person as before, given the fact I can no longer recall the very thing that brought me down this dark path? I do not know, and I cry sometimes out of the fear that I will no longer be accepted into society, and that all my former friends will now regard me as a traitor, a betrayer...

-An excerpt from Solinii's journal
Osuro has been more depressed than not. His eyes looks sunken, his cheeks ashen, and he has the tendency to ramble off or gaze away as if deep in thought. I thought I was the one grievously injured, but something has happened to him. He will not speak of it, nor does he confide with me what has transpired in my lapse of memory.

His cooking is suffering as well. He has confessed that he doesn't enjoy baking as he once did. It seems to take a toll on a strength that he no longer has. I fear, and yet my own condition seems to plague me. I can't ruse him out of his state, much as he can to make me forget what I've done, who I've joined in Darkness.

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