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04/06/2012 08:09 AMPosted by Theorycraft
I am a 4.6k resilience warlock looking for serious RBGs. I have the heroic Cunning of the Cruel, and I want a cross realm rbg team. Send a reply if interested.
ROFL you got cunning and that poison needle dagger.... man you must be painful to deal with.
04/06/2012 12:54 PMPosted by Maijinbuu
i've seriously zoned into high mmr rbgs and out damaged heroic cunning heroic rag trinket orange staff warlocks, all of those procs wont even bring an average warlock up to the damage level of a gladiator warlock without them.. trust me its not a big deal.

Its not that its a big deal but pugs even guild groups wont take you no matter experience if you dont have cunning/staff and leaves those who dont pve or play non-desirable classes left out.
04/06/2012 12:45 PMPosted by Maijinbuu
you people seriously exaggerate how good cunning is.

Want to give that free +20% more damage to my alt lock? Playing with 5100 resil is boring.

Would prob still outplay and out damage most warlocks, but I wouldn't mind more ezmode.
04/06/2012 01:38 PMPosted by Maijinbuu
20%? hardly. it hits for literally like 6k damage now.. its like 11% of my damage on average IF that.

I'd believe 11%, as I don't have it for myself to play with the numbers. It was 20-30% pre nerf and even 10% extra damage coming from a trinket like vial or cunning is pathetic for game balance.

I don't see though why anyone with access to the trinkets would avoid using them unless they had some sense of false honor. Which in reality anyone saying they wouldn't if they had them is lying and would be biased towards using it if they had the gear.
And he'll probably get picked over Gladiator Warlocks because he's near BIS even though he can't even break 1600.

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