Mountain Lion liquid detail+Antialiasing?

Mac Technical Support
Hey there, does any Blizzard folks know if Mountain Lion changes anything on that situation? I have noticed some OGL changes after installing 10.8. Maybe that's something feasible?
Don't know for sure. I'll try to find out but since it's still in early stages, may not be able to answer this for sure at the moment.
What kind of changes did you experience with 10.8?
I've brought this up to the team and they will look into it. Since they are busy with all games Mac in Blizzard, it may not be a response right away, but I will post back when I hear more.

Thanks for the feedback and questions! This is why I love being in this forum :)
That is great Machkhan, thank you for the feedback. I am moving to the Mac platform (after this year's hardware refresh) and these issues really concern me. I wouldn't like to install Boot Camp just to play WoW, specially because it runs natively on Mac. And I play WoW with full Ultra right now, so I would like to do it on a Mac as well (I'm hooked to art, and WoW's art is !@#$ing amazing).

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