Which race for my new hunter?

I have decided I want to roll a hunter, but I can't decide between a human or blood elf.

Which one looks better with gear and whose animations are better?

I'm not interested in min/max my dps. So racials aren't important to me. And I don't like the way hunter gear looks on other races except for humans and belves.

So out of those two races which one would you guys recommend?

P.S. I will role a male not a female and am not interested in rolling a female.
Belf IMO, their animations are a bit more refined than humans, at least in my personal opinion.
>blood elf males look like females
>humans look better in gear
>humans have muscles (aesthetics)
>weapon size on female humans are bigger than other races
>female humans are more masculine than male blood elves
>u already play a blood elf, so playing a human would be something new/refreshing

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