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Tyrael and Varus

Silvermoon City

"So Wyndd seeks to kill her sister?" Tyrael said, the two brothers in arms sitting next to each other at a bar in one of the many inns of Silvermoon. Revelers and partiers moved around them, keeping their conversation private from any prying ears and eyes. Varus simply nodded, his face a mask of conflicting emotions showing just how much he didn't know what he truly wanted. "What are you going to do?" Tyrael asked, even though he was the leader of the Fellowship Tyrael was honor bound to help Varus and to do what he could for him.

Varus sighed as he turned to look at his friend, "I don't know... Two different paths are before me and I have no idea which one to take... I swore an oath upon the graves of my family that I would avenge them. Yet choosing Traly would force me to leave that behind..." Varus put his face in his hands as he stared down into the bottom of his glass of bourbon. The strong alcoholic beverage barely doing anything to the hardened warrior. Tyrael sighed as he put a hand on Varus' shoulder, "I can't make that decision for you but I can tell you that the Fellowship needs you. I need you to help me lead it to fame and glory." Tyrael said and Varus sighed as he leaned back staring up at the ceiling now.

"What can we do? I either kill go through with this mission or I run away with Traly to be forever hunted by you, Wyndd and her father. It is a no win situation..." Varus muttered hopelessly, while he loved both sisters dearly it was in different ways. One accepted him for who he was, while the other hoped to change him for the better. It was such an odd situation for Varus that he didn't know what to do. Tyrael sympathized with him, understanding exactly how he felt. "I know what is going through your mind but I have a suggestion for you. Let me talk to Wyndd and see what I can do. I'll let you know what to do after I've talked to her." Tyrael said confidently, sure that he could help his friend out of this situation. Varus sighed as he nodded, "Please do..." Varus said as he drained his glass of bourbon and pointed for the bartender to refill his glass.

Tyrael nodded and left Varus alone to be with his thoughts, sure that he needed nothing more on his mind right now. "Ah, Kel'tira the Spiritmaster of the Fellowship requires healing, seek her out and see what you can do for her. Hopefully it will take your mind off things." Tyrael said, not waiting for a response, knowing that Varus would comply with his request in due time.
Pacing the floor of the barracks, Mia fought internal demons that chased her thoughts around in her head like whirling embers in a firestorm. How could the Fellowship survive if they could not trust each other? What in the name of the Light makes one Sindorei wish to kill another? The Sindorei were few enough in numbers, taking out even one fertile female was tragic.

Mia rubbed the bridge of her nose and stalked out the door. Heading to Morshan in the northern part of the Barrens she met up with Ikthael. Of course she had to try and find him first...every bush she encountered could hold not just the rogue, but a lion ready to pounce. In exasperation she called out to him. He said he was headed her way and she hoped to intercept him. There were serious things to talk about and she was worried he would not hear her out.

Her well trained warhorse warned her when she came upon some bushes next to a tree. Dismounting and letting her horse graze the sparse grass of the plains she called out. "Ikky!! I know you have to be close...where are you? I need to talk to you..." her voice echoed across the dusty plain and birds scattered. A nearby hyena barked at her in his strange warbling laugh.

The horse lifted his ears and sniffed at some bushes, Mia shook her head in exasperation. "Ikky...please...this is serious busi...." her voice is cut off by a yelp as he suddenly jumped out in front of her. Mia reacted by drawing her sword and sheild.

"Ikky! Dammmit you nearly got yourself killed! Don't do that!!" her voice trembled as she glared at him.

All he did was snicker at her and something about if he had wanted to harm her she would not be standing there. His smirk nearly drove her crazy as she put her weapon up. But her voice was calm as she walked towards him. "We have to talk...something is not right..I still do not have all the answers I need...Ikthael...I cannot let you harm an innocent girl. It would be against everything I stand for as a paladin. And even as a Sindorei...we cannot be killing each other...this is a Fellowship...we must stand can we trust each other and fight evil if we cannot purge it from our own minds?"

Her words were earnest and she tried to discern his mood. He was torn she could see. "I have a contract...I must honor it or I lose my reputation is at stake...I gave my word this woman would would have me stay my hand?" he turned his back to her obviously unhappy.

"Just all I ask..perhaps Tyrael can find out why...we need all the facts...I do not judge you are a skilled assassin...maybe the contract will be rescinded...I will...try and find out what Tyrael has come up with. He said he would handle it...I have to give him the chance what he needs to do." her voice pleading with him.

"Perhaps...if I were too busy...I would have to wait...if something were to distract me..." he said rather quietly and with that sly smirk on his face. Mia gritted her teeth and took a deep breath, as he still had his back turned to her.

"I will...keep you busy...if it saves a life...what did you have in mind?" her voice quiet as she waited for him to turn around. The rogue turned to face her with a wicked grin, his hands behind his back as he walked around her slowly.

"Oh...I think you know...what is in my mind...hmmm? Perhaps we can venture to the Wailing Caverns? I have always wanted to discover just what it was that gave it that name?" he walked completely around her and did not see the pained expression on her face.

By the time he came to her face to face again...she smiled at him and nodded. "Very well, I will escort you there..perhaps we can figure it out...together...I heard the place is crawling with snakes..." her voice calm as she contemplated her actions. To save a life she would do anything in her power...even this.
(Ikthaels crappy journal entry!)

Lets see what I did today.
I killed a few naga. too bad Im not a skinner, i heard naga boots are all the rage.
Did a few hits out in azshara, easy night elf prey, the fools
Met with kara and we talked, and. stuff.
By the gods my back is still sore
Then after the morning came I found myself outside near an oasis, netted down by a few centaur with -really- bad smells to them! ah well, they died pretty quick so its no biggie.
Still have to figure out if i want to keep my word though, The contact did say he would pay more afterwards...and silvermoon is just a stones throw away!
but for now ill keep my word and stay my blade, poisons, shurikin ect. cte? however you say 'more stuff'
Anyway Im going to enjoy this oasis while i stretch out my back, rocks are pretty tough things, arent they?
Journal of Nicias

Ug was bit while in the plaguelands. Ug the wound is badly infected. I can feel my self losing consciousness.... I head to Lights hope in search of a priest. It bloody hurts! Yet I can't let (what seems to be an attempt to finish writing is just a long line as if quill has slipped.)
Kriest'alan Sunblade

It has been awhile since I had written in this near relic of my past. I say this, for it no longer interests me...I am only writing to, in some form of name, complete my sacrifice and be rid of any doubts and regrets.

The deaths of some of the Fellowship, including one of Miss Vera, as shown me the errors of my ways...Just as my master had told me, getting attached to people is only a volley, it will only bring pain for when the right decision is made. Woe upon me for having the carelessly stupid thought for thinking there was another way I could serve my people...

No...No...The word I had gained about the death of...of Vera had showed me this. It was a symbolic event, one would call it. Granted, the Fellowship may be growing strong still, but my faith in it, is not. I should not have strayed from the path...but Vera...oh, Miss sure, true, and determined...believing that victory could be achieved through justice...How far have I fallen...

I'm sure they will not miss me, I have isolated myself plenty of times to not bring myself much as a glancing memory in their mundane minds. it is time for me to prepare myself for the true sacrifice...where I will no longer be accepted by my people's society, as I take upon myself the way that Elves, Night...Blood...High...and any other form, have viewed as traitorous for countless centuries, thousands of years.

I just hope they do forget me...for I may not forget them as I train hard and go to the Outlands to find my Master. And learn how to control and combat the darkness and the demons...This may be the last I may ever see of them...At least, in the way I had before...

Now I must go, I had thought I could take up the practice as a Wardancer and still be friends with everyone here...but seeing my people fall, seeing my 'friends' being killed, and being forced to do tasks that no Sin'dorei would of done before, and killing countless of my enemies while feeling the seductive sway of the as all shown me my true path.

Farewell, Rising Sun...May we never see each other again...
Nicias crawled on the ground, recently having awoken from unconsciousness, steadily putting one hand in front of the other. The thought of dying in this forsaken wasteland pushing him on. He was sweating profusely from the fever and was feeling dizzy. He gritted his teeth as he felt the loss of consciousness coming again. Suddenly it was black

Nicias looked around and was laying in a forest in the likes he had never seen before, yet it seemed very similar to Eversong woods. He looked around and saw a female Blood Elf with her back turned to him. He pushed himself up off the ground and walked over to her. As he walked over she turned and Nicias froze just staring in disbelief. In front of him stood Karavelia, donning her armor of the blood knights.
"How..." he stammered, "Your alive!"
She just looked at him and shook her head no. He began to walk closer to her but she stopped him with a raised hand.
"Nicias, you need to wake up, it is not your time." She said in her calm voice.
"What?!" Nicias said in a confused voice.
"Oy' wake up ye dammed elf!" She said back in a strong dwarf voice.
Nicias opened his eyes and saw Gidwin Goldbraids staring right into his face.
"Oy hes up Tarenar!" Gidwin said to his Blood Elf companion.
Nicias sat up to see the two pallies staring at him smiling.
"Gah my head, what happened?" Nicias asked confused.
"Ye had a bad fever and was bout to die, but Tarenar here used his healing ability and saved ye!" Gidwin said smiling
"Our debt to you is repaid noble warrior." Tarenar replied.

Nicias got to his feet and woble for a second but was soon supported by the two paladins. "I thank you, I truly do." Nicias said holding his head with his right hand. Both of the paladins just smiled. Holding Nicias up, the three headed back to lights hope, talking and laughing, and off course Gidwin and Tarenar made a few bets along the way.
The day was quiet and calm as Karamia headed back to Silvermoon City. Her dinner with Tyrael was a success, she thought. He had agreed to allow her to come up with a code for the Fellowship. She thought back to his words and could not help but remember how serious he was...the look of intensity on his face. He truly believed that glory was all he needed.

How can you measure glory? What is can you go after something you could not hold in your hands? What was it he truly wanted? Fame? Fortune? For what? She failed to see how she could ever convince him there was more to life.

In quiet contemplation she finally reached Silvermoon again. SHe had spent many days fighting with the Horde forces in Stonetalon. The tauren were actually closer to what she envisioned a people should be. They revered life, but were fierce in battle. A healthy respect for nature and the spirits. She had a chance to speak with the Sunwalkers and was impressed. The powers of the Light were strong in them. They were courageous and brave, fighting their own kind in a bloody battle that left many dead.

And yet they did not hold the answers...she was at her wits end. Kara Vaelia had said Tyrael held the future of the Fellowship in his hands...she trusted him and believed in him. Mia was not convinced he even knew what was happening at times. He seemed to think he could control the problems within the Fellowship by actions alone. Did he honestly think everyone of them would do the right thing without some kind of guidance?

They needed a code...a written set of rules to live by...something they could all agree on. It did not have to be complicated. Just something to set boundaries and limitations. A code of honor...they could all swear to ...a pledge...something simple.

Code Of Honor

1. Display courage in the face of an enemy.

2. Grant mercy when possible

3. Defend the helpless and innocent

4. Serve the common good.

5. Reject evil

6. Tell the Truth

These things she wrote in her Journal and hoped to discuss with the rest of the Fellowship. She closed her Journal and went to chat with Nicias and Kel'Tira. They talked and laughed and discussed the future of the Fellowship. She asked for their thoughts on a code and felt they would agree to what she had written down.
Nicias stood and smiled at her. She looked back at him and smiled as well.
"No more will we have to fight alone, we have eachother as well as the fellowship. You will never be alone again." Nicias said to her
"Yes, we have eachother, as well as the fellowship. And for that I am so grateful." She said while looking back at him. Nicias smiled warmly again, and jsut stared into her eyes. Those eyes had seen so much sadness, they looked lonley. Yet those eyes showed compassion in which he had never seen. Nicias took a step closer.
"You are perhaps my greatest friend and ally, no more will you have to be alone. We both know what that lonliness is like and I shall make sure you never feel that way again." Nicias said, still entranced by her eyes.

She looked down as if trying to avoid his gaze, "Yes, you are my greatest....friend as well." When she said this Nicias noticed she had paused and almsot had trouble saying the last part. Nicias tilted his head slightly, "Does something trouble you?" He took another step forward.
"Its just that...." She mumbled the rest.
"What did you say" Nicias asked
She looked up into his eyes, her face looked confident, yet her insides were full of turmoil.
"I want to be more than friends!." She said straight faced
"WHAT?!" Nicias was taken aback, clearly shocked
She looked away again off to the side, "It's just that, we have both been through so much together, and I...I can't stop thinking about you."
Nicias stammered, still clearly shocked.
She turned her back to him, a tear dripped down her right eye. "Forget it, I am so sorry for being so straight forward, I'll...I'll go now." She said and she began to walk away. Yet she was stoped by a gentle hand on her shoulder.

Nicias turned her around and looked into her eyes.
"I...I know how you feel and I feel the same way." He said to her. She smiled at him wiping away the tears in her eyes. Nicias leaned in and embraced her. She embraced back, placing her head on his shoulder. They then, while staying embraced, moved thier heads back and stared into each others eyes.
"I...I'm so happy right now, I jsut don't know....." She began to say, but was abbruptly stopped by a kiss. She closed her eyes and kissed back.

She took a small step back again and stared back into his eyes.
"Thank you Nicias, for giving me something to fight for, I...I had almost lost all hope." She said, tears of happiness rolling down her eyes again.
"You will never be alone again, and you have given me something to fight for as well. I will not die, and I will protect you." He kissed her again. She smiled back at him.
"I....I...I love you!" She said full of emotion. Nicias looked gently into her eyes and smiled, "As do I." They embraced and kissed again.

The both held eachothers hands and looked into eachothers eyes.
"I must leave unfortunatley, I am needed on the front lines of the battle with the alliance." Nicias said sadley.
She looked at him worried, "Please...please come back unharmed." he said in a caring voice. Nicias smiled back, "It will take more than some puny alliance to kill me." He said in a humerous voice. She smiled back, more confidant. He kissed her again and whispered, " Not even Deathwing himself will kill me, I will come back, no matter what. This I vow."
They hugged again and he walked off, out into the sunlight, the light reflecting off his plate armor. A tear fell down Kel's eye.
"Please return soon, my knight in shining armour." She said as he departed.
Kel'Tira Sunblaze

Silvermoon City

The code... I will start there, and go on. What it means to me... Loyalty, valor, love, and piety.

Blood Knights have a code. We would be remiss not to. Loyalty is, by far, one of the most important qualities. Valor both on the battlefield and in times of peace. Love for our cause, and for our companions. Piety is our duty and dedication to our goals.


There is a certain dedication, a trust and acceptance, from one to another. This...this.... trait... is a... Necessity. Both for me, as a Blood Knight, and for the Fellowship as a whole. For what are we without loyalty? What are we if we are not dedicated to our cause?

To one another?


Bloodshed has its place. I admit this freely, and so, valor earns its place on the battlefield, but what of valor in peace? It takes bravery and valor to face down enemies, but what of confronting those held nearer?

I value valor far more in another than I had ever thought...


We hold ourselves at arms length far too much, I fear. There must be bonds of love and trust within our Fellowship if we are to succeed. There must be more than fighting. We must learn to see beyond our fear and embrace each other.

As I have...

(A doodled heart is in the margins of the page)


Perhaps it is most difficult for us to learn to have faith in one another. Faith in ourselves. Faith in our causes, and dedication to those same ideals. We dream, we fight for our dreams, and we do this because it is what we think is right.

I have been given a reason for faith once more...

Perhaps I overstepped myself last night, but Nicias seemed not to think so. Could it really be, as he said, that he returns my feelings? It certainly seemed that way when he kissed me...

Perhaps... Perhaps all hope is not lost. Hard work will make a way for ourselves, and hard work will keep us safe, and trust, strength, and friendship will keep us together.

(A detailed drawing of Nicias fills the next page. A small flower is pressed between the pages.)
Varus, The Hand of Retribution

Silvermoon City

As I write this journal I find myself torn between two lifestyles, two choices that lead me down totally different paths. One leads me to a life I have no idea what it will be like, the other is a life that I understand. It is slightly ironic that the choice is between sisters, yet all it does is make it all the harder. Wyndd Song, giving me exactly what I want and accepting me for who I am. A damaged elf of little worth other than my skills in combat with a thirst for vengeance. But Traly... Oh Traly tries to make me better something I strive for but know I will never be able to do.

Not when I hear rumors that the Death Knight... That sick monster walks the earth unmolested and in the service of the Alliance! My choice it seems is being made for me as I hear more rumors about this evil Death Knight. My decision is close to being made, I just hope the rogue follows through for if he doesn't then I will need to find a new plan...



A Code. I have given my consent to Kel'tira to commission a code for the Fellowship, a simple general one that is straight forward and easy to comprehend. Loyalty, Valor, Love, Piety. All words that are easy to understand and that even the lowest of the low have in most regards. I just hope that it does not lead to problems in the future, that is my only concern. That it will prevent some from working towards the goal of making the Fellowship a powerful force to be reckoned with. But I believe it will work out in the end, hopefully I will be able to speak with Wyndd Song soon so that I can resolve this issue with her sister.

*Curse words are written down in bold letters* Then they make jokes about me being... Well I won't mention it let's just say they think I am not interested in women. But I took care of that easily, finding out that Kel'tira and Nicias are in love and poking fun at them. Quite enjoyable until they brought up Ikthael hitting on me. I may actually have to murder them all... But I digress... I need to rest and move on from here soon I shall join Nicias in Outland and there the demons will learn to fear my name.

Silvermoon City

Back in the city of my birth, it is strange, to be here again after so long. It has felt like a lifetime and yet it has only been a few years since I left. I have so many new memories yet one thing remains constant, my love for her...

*A small sketch of an elven face, framed by rich locks of hair and sparkling eyes covers the rest of the page*

I miss her so and yet I know I will probably never see her again. It is a fate that I have come to accept as I sit in my family's series of apartments over looking the Bazaar. If only I could have spent a few more nights with her... But sadly that was not to be, life came back to find me and I had to leave to once again deal with the Amani Trolls. As it is again time for me to once again head out to war, this time however I go to Ashenvale. The Horde's offensive moves forward just as I must. It is good that my cousin Tyrael asked me to help him, it will help take my mind off of things.

Moving foward, that is what I must do...
Silvermoon City


Today is the day... Tyrael came to me late last night and told me what we were going to do. It is much like my original plan except a few minor changes, nothing I can't handle. Hopefully all goes well and I can return to duty. I do not think about it being her and all the kindness she showed me. I think of like an enemy, she is in my way and my vengeance will be fulfilled. I will avenge my family! I just pray that she will understand...

Bah! What am I doing?! Becoming sentimental is a weakness, I must be strong if I am to take on that despicable monster Tai Stronghammer. They say he is in the Plaguelands even now, wreaking havoc on the Alliance forces and disappearing before any can arrive to stop him. Truly he is a coward and I shall crush him as such. But I must first handle this job and then I can handle it. It seems like Wyndd wants her whole family killed, she asked Tyrael to kill her father after Traly is dead.

I just hope Tyrael knows what he is doing, she is a very dangerous person and I am just thankful that I am on her side. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be her enemy, but then I look at what is happening to Traly and I shudder.

Tyrael Firehawk

Wyndd Song, a very dangerous and beautiful Sin'dorei if I have ever met one. Her plan is almost flawless if it weren't for the fact that she relied heavily upon Varus and I. We shall use that to our advantage in the future but for now we shall play along, give her want she wants. Her need to be wanted, to be desired and to have everything will be her undoing. I have decided to tell the others that I have kept Wyndd from doing what she wanted but that doesn't mean accidents don't happen.

*A light sketch of the Tranquil Shore is depicted with the location of a large concentration of murlocs*

Murlocs are such vile creatures... I think with her death someone might actually rid our beautiful homeland of their filth. Then I will have to turn my attentions to destroying Wyndd's father. A much harder task but one that is do-able, and I have just the person for the job.
The deserts of Desolace held secrets...many of which were coded with the ancient script of the Kaldorei. It took Kara days to unravel the mystery, the elf Furien had uncovered one of these secrets. She retraced his footsteps and found ruins that held more secrets. To unlock them she had to fight demons...lots of demons...and basilisks...and scorpids.

The battles seemed endless, but she was determined to succeed! Finally...she held it in her hands...the gem glittered golden in the sunlight. Now for the final act...the vow she had made to the sister of Furien. For once in her life Mia felt the righteous fury build inside of her as she rode to Nigel's point. They would pay...oh yes...

The gateway lay just ahead and Mia dismounted her charger and bid him to find grass and stay away from the scorpids. Removing the gem from her backpack she held it in her hand and invoked the ancient words. The gem nearly exploded with power as the flames shot from it in a tower of whirling fire. Mia was swept up in the storm and tossed high in the air. From an impossibly high vantage point she was able to float inside the funnel...but she did not burn, the gem clutched tightly in her hand.

The tower of flame roared into the camp at Nigel's point, the guards and civilians screamed in terror as the fled, they could not touch Mia. Fire raged through the trees and buildings, the fighters and merchants swept up into the tornado of flame and burned to a crisp. Mia was estatic. This was glorious, the vengeance gripped her with righteous satisfaction.

When the last merchant was dead, Mia turned the tower of flame back to the humble camp where Furien's sister awaited. It would take a long time for the Alliance to rebuild Nigel's point. Mia was proud to have been a part of the Horde that day.

She had used the Fellowship's communication stone to tell Tyrael of her battle. He seemed surprised to hear her having so much fun. How little he knew her, she thought. She could not help but feel smug that she could actually impress him. A thought occurred to her then that did not seem to fit. Why did she want to impress him?

Her conversation with Nic and Kel'Tira had been interesting to say the least. Not for the first time she noticed how well they looked together. She wondered how long it would be before they realised it? She blushed when she remembered her words to them about Tyrael. He was a mystery to her, so handsome and rugged. Something about the confidence and swagger appealed to her. His bold manner was inspiring to her nature. In spite of the respect she had for life...she was prone to anger. It was something she had to work to control.

When she called in her report that she was finished in Desolace and headed to Feralas, Tyrael surprised her. So much she nearly dropped the stone they used for communicating. "You want to go swimming? With me?" she stammered and coughed. What in the world was he thinking? Then the blush of embarrassment covered her face and she realised he probably had some report to give her on the status of Tralysong and not wanting to broadcast it to the rest of hte Fellowship.

"Of course...that sounds great! I could use a break...where shall we meet? Is there a good beach close by?" she nervously combed fingers through her hair and felt the knots and tangles along with the dust.

"How about Eversong? I need a break too...and the jungle is too dangerous here to swim." he was calm and seemed almost...hopeful? Mia looked at the stone in bewilderment. This was Tyrael...wasn't it?

"Yes..yes that's hearthstone is set there...all right...I will meet you the Hall of Respite." she looked down at her filthy tabard and armor. She would need a bath and clean clothing before she could even think of meeting anyone.

In her haste to get to the bank and toss all the extras she had accumulated for the Fellowship, Mia nearly trampled poor Lillisarei. The young elf yelped as she ducked out the way of Mia's charger. "Sorry! No time to chat!" the paladin yelled as she dashed home to find her clean clothes and to jump into the shower to wash off the grime.

Lilli merely dusted off her robe and shook her head, tapping the com stone to ask her cousin what had gotten into Mia? "She is like a mad woman! Rushing through the streets like she is on fire!" He could offer no answers to her, but his chuckle was interesting...

"What do you mean Tyrael? You invited her to go swimming? She is a are not dating a commoner are you?" her voice stern as she knew how much this would infuriate the rest of the family. He was already treading on toes with his chosen lifestyle.

"It's not a date...we both needed a break from battle. And you know I don't care what the rest of the family thinks." he was nearly growling into the comm. Lilli shook her head and decided not to push it, she did not want him angry with her.

"Oh, by the way...there have been rumors of a Night elf stalking the woods of Eversong...whoever it one can seem to catch her... so far she has harmed no one." Lilli had heard the rumor and thought Ty might be interested in hearing it.

"In Eversong? I will have Dalen check it out, do not worry...he will find whoever it is and deal with it.." Ty sounded confident and Lilli sighed.


Mia got clean clothes on and ran her fingers through her fine red hair, it was good to be clean again. Nervously she brushed her teeth and looked in the mirror. She was not the most beautiful elf in Silvermoon...but she was a striking redhead with emerald eyes. She could turn heads when she wanted. She contemplated a few moments and wondered if Ty had done what he said. If the young elf Tralysong was now safe from her own sister?

The clip clop of her chargers metal shod hooves clattered on the cobbles of Silvermoon City as Mia made her way to the Hall. Mia walked in to the meeting place and saw Ty waiting for her. His smile was warm and friendly and he even complimented her. Mia smiled, "I am ready...where is this beach you think is so great?"

The walk to the beach was pleasant and they chatted about many things. Mostly dull and ininteresting...Mia following behind him and admiring his fine armor. The beach was deserted and the water was inviting. She could not help admire his fine physique as he stripped to his swim trunks and dove into the water.

Knowing he probably did not even look at her as anything but another one of his underlings, Mia stripped off her tabard and clothing she had on to cover her bikini. She dove into the water with a splash and made sure to cover him with a wave of water. He was not long in returning the gesture and they swam for about an hour before he finally went back to the beach and stretched out on the sand.

Mia was relaxed and calm with him, she felt no threat, though something nagged at her mind as she came out of the water to sit a few feet away from him and attempt to dry her hair. Why was he so handsome and appealing to her? She was certain he was one of those who preferred men...but maybe he liked both?

They chatted for awhile about various things and soon he fell asleep. He looked so vulnerable and sweet lying there. It was all she could do to stop herself from reaching out to his muscular form. She had time to think then and it started to hit her. He was not interested in her as anything more than a friend. He was kind and complimentary because he was a gentleman. He was honorable...honor...honor bound...the words came back to haunt her now...

He was helping his friend Varus...and Traly...he had given his word. Ty did not know she had followed him and heard his words to Traly's father. He had asked for her hand...made a promise...he was honor bound...he was off limits to her as anything more than a friend. She was honor bound as well...she would not let a helpless innocent suffer if she could prevent any way she could. She had already done something...that was probably not as honorable as it could have been...was she being honest with Ike? He was so irritating! But she knew he had wanted nothing more from her...his needs were met and she stayed his hand...for now...

Mia looked at the sleeping form of Tyrael and sighed...if Traly lived and Varus married would break Traly's heart...but she would be alive...would she hold Ty to his promise of marriage to sooth her father? He was a powerful warlock...he had some deep connections in Silvermoon. If that happened then Ty would be lost to her forever...he was honor bound and so was Mia.


As I write this my memory takes me back to that fateful day when I was forced to kill Traly...

*Tears stain the page as illegible letters are scrawled on the next few lines before it becomes legible again*

I did as Wyndd asked, finding Traly was easy and convincing her to leave the city was just as easy. I had her follow me to the Tranquil Coast, where I told her of my intentions and killed her... But what I had to do to the body to make it seem as if it was murlocs... I shudder at what I was forced to do but I did it for the future. I had no choice, her words though... They still haunt me.

"I forgive you Varus."

"I still love you Varus."

Damn that woman for her kindness! I can't take it, it is like her spirit haunts me even now as I sit in Light's Hope writing this entry. But I need to get myself together I have more important things to worry about. When I met with Wyndd she gave me some shocking news, she called me her love. I was so surprised... I am a simple commoner being elevated to heights I never thought I could reach.

She wishes to be Queen and wants me to be at her side... as her husband! I could not believe my ears. But that was not even the most shocking... She is pregnant! With my child! I could not believe it, after believing myself the last of my family I am to have my own children. I cannot trust Tyrael's judgement of Wyndd anymore but he is a good friend and I am sure will help me and her in any way that he can.

A father... and a husband... I have many plans to take care of if I am to get a wedding planned for the Fellowship. I told Wyndd I would handle it and so I shall...

I just hope that nothing happens between now and then, there are rumors that Tai is just south of Quel'thalas... wrecking havoc in the Plaguelands. I both hope and pray that he does and does not come north to Quel'thalas. While I want to exact my vengeance I am afraid that he will target those I care about before he comes after me.

What a dangerous world we live in...
Kel'Tira Sunblaze

Eastern Plaguelands

I really have nothing all too interesting to write about. A Nerubian layed my leg open to the bone, but being able to see the wound made it fairly simple to heal. the cut was straight and clean, and a quick series of spells cleaned it of any infection and sealed it shut. I will have a scar, but scars are something I have come to accept these past years. In a way, they are memories and reminders. Testament to what I have endured, and what I have lost.


That one word. A name... How can I convey what I feel in writing?? How can I pour my heart onto a page for another to read one day?? The same way I have done, I suppose. In the past, I have written of physical truimphs and failures. Personal goals, reached, and unrealized. But love? Somehow I never thought I would be one to find love. Alaria was always more open than I, I always thought she would be the happily married one, and I would be left with a blade as a Blood Knight. I think my parents followed that school of thought, too.

Alaria... If only I could afford time to mourn properly... You would understand... Life leaves me no time... Your grave... Is that not all I have?

Mother and Father know nothing of my latest "Conquest" as Tyrael would say, nor do I plan for them to hear about Nic for a great deal of time. I need to decide what I want to say... What I want to do, first. For now, I suppose, I will just be grateful I am not alone. There is something to be said for a pair of arms to hold you. Something that cannot be measured against loneliness.


I was alone for far, far too long. Nicias has given me something else, perhaps? No. There is no question there. He has given me renewed faith in the world, and in myself, as well, he has brought something out. I owe him much more than I feel I can ever repay. I have enough scars, inside and out, and yet I continue to throw myself in harm's way. My shield and my faith guide and guard me. I had to put my foot down and say something to Nic, earlier. He wanted me to set my shield aside and take up a blade alone, instead of protection. I said no.

It is, at this point, part of who I am. He did not understand, I do not think, that my reasons were not all selfish. I have a duty, as Spiritmaster, to guide and lead the Fellowship in a way I feel I can do best with shield and guardianship.

And besides... I cannot bear to see him hurt trying to protect me.

On another note, mayhaps Tyrael is less of a rock than I judged him to be... I swear I heard concern in his voice when he misunderstood me about Nic this morning... Perhaps there is yet hope for our leader...
I find it strange enough to be writing this Journal, but I feel its most important. At least my true followers will have something to read over as I set my plan in motion!

Varus, my sister's boyfriend, has asked me to marry him! I have told him I carry his child, We are to be wed, perhaps i should not put this in the Journal. I can remove it later. Varus has proven his worth. Tyrael not so much. He is so handsome though, albet he refuse's my advances. I have asked Varus to be my King, he will have to prove his worth, and his petty vengeance will not aid me in becoming Queen of all our kind.

I have promised both power, two different titles, as funny as it is, and amuse's me. Varus King, Tyrael Battle Commander, I would have a powerful army, and these Knights that he leads. A few I would pick off, accidents happen.

Look at how that dragon ate Traly's head, one bite! That's impressive! Such power, like Tyrael. How I would love to bed him. He would be a ride I'm sure one would not forget.

I'm soon to be a wife, I'm sure that point Tyrael will never touch me. Their "Brotherhood" almost makes me sick. That bastard threatened to kill me. I've told Varus, just incase. The fool would protect his "Family" at any cost. Carrying his child, would insure my own safety! The shock on his face, it was priceless! Hand me my sister's head, and propose to me minutes later! How did I accomplish it? Oh I do hope Varus keeps a journal, I wonder if he writes about our conquests....Silvermoon, Hillsbrad, Bedding him in every city I can, no wonder the idiot thinks I'm carrying his child.

Enough for now, I'll delete that later. I have a black dress to buy for my sister's funeral and a white dress for my wedding! Too bad they don't make them reversal.. LOL, I do believe I made a joke! Black Widow indeed....
The sound of metal striking wood is loud in the courtyard. Deathguards walk by and smirk as the Sindorei paladin smashes at the wooden dummies with a fury that borders on comical. Half the time she misses the target completely and whirls around in a circle. Curse words fill the air along with the sounds of wood splintering.

"Honor! Valor! Loyalty! Piety! Love!" she fairly spits out the last word as if it left a bad taste in her mouth. Perspiration runs down her face as she repeats the words with venom...each strike of her sword puntuates her words. Yet as she works to cut the target dummy down it appears her strikes are getting more accurate and the wood splinters more often than misses.

After about an hour of this she stops to drink water, waiting as the target master rebuilds the helpless dummys. Her eyes narrow at his protesting words and he quiets when he looks into the eyes of green. The last target dummy is repaired and she attacks them again. "Thunk, thunk, swish!" and the curses fly as she misses yet again. Her eyes are filled with determination as she will not rest until she can build her strength and skill to a higher level.

The target master protests yet again. " have destroyed more than a dozen targets already...when will your wrath cool? And who is paying for these repairs? They are not cheap to build..." he ducks as a splinter of wood flies at him.

"When I can find a master to teach me...and I have the skill to beat him...send the bill to the Rising Sun Fellowship...I am sure Tyrael Firehawk will gladly pay for new target dummies." she attacks the dummy again with all her strength and it flies apart. Her breath is ragged as she looks at the target lying in tatters on the floor.

A quiet voice comes from behind her, "You waste your fury on dummies..they do not fight back.." the voice is soft and gentle, almost musical. Mia whirls around in surprise, but sees no one near. Were her ears playing tricks on her? However the words ring true and Mia nods.

"So be it...I will go out into the plaguelands and slay what Scourge I find there...perhaps I will learn from them how to kill without slay the innocent without mercy..." she is cold and bitter in her words. All her sacrifice had been in vain. An innocent young elf girl lay dead. Her body mutilated...and the words of the Battlemaster rankle in her head.

"I will take care of it...he said...don't worry about it...he said.....well for once I hear the is truly meaningless to one who loves war...there is no heart there...only cold calculations and...politics..." her heart hardens and she gathers her armor and provisions.

She will be unwilling to come back to Silvermoon now...not for a long time....the only swimming she will be doing is in ..blood.
Nicias-The Debt
After seeing what had happened today, Mia, almost losing her life to a Death knight of the Alliance, I did what I feared to do most, I used it. The coin the man gave me when I was young and had saved his life looked so simple, I did not think he would show. But he did, so silent were his footsteps that he could have snuck up on death itself! When he appeared he just stared at me with those same cold eyes, the eyes of a man unafraid to kill. He was truly someone I did not want to hunt me. He was a true assassin.
"What is it you wish of me?" He said in a long drawn drawn out voice.
I looked up into those heartless eyes, I stared death in the face and I said,
"I want Tai Strong Hammer Dead!"
He just looked back at me and simply replied, "As you wish." before he disappeared into the shadows.
Forgive me for what I have done Kel, my love I had no other choice.
The undead roaming the plagued lands knew no peace...only the blows from her mace laid them low. The sickening crunch of bone and the rotting stench of mortified flesh made her hard...she could not deny her heart was getting cold. Even when Nic came to speak with was hard to get him to understand.

She was to blame in her own way...she had failed to save Traly. An innocent life was snuffed out by someone. Mia could not believe that it was murlocs. They were a nuisance for certain, but usually not a problem unless provoked. Would she be silly enough to wander into a murloc camp alone? Mia could not made no sense at all.

And where was Tyrael when all this happened? He said he would take care of it...he said not to worry...did he even try? Mia did not know if she could trust him anymore. He seemed to think he knew everything. There was always something about him...that made her want could not let him get to her.

Back at Light's Hope, she talked to a goblin who sent her on a wild ride to the Badlands. She was fine and having some of the irritation worked out of her system...when the screech of a gryphon filled the air above her. The ogre who had been about to attack her fell dead with a single blow from the sword of a death knight. He laughed at her and killed several more. She was speechless and a bit nervous...but he spoke to her in such a condescending way!

He sneered and made fun of her mace and sheild. Called her an elfie like it was some kind of vermin. He appeared to enjoy killing and he spoke of torture like he lived only for the thrilll of it. Mia felt her skin crawl in fear, but she would not show it. He wanted the name of her Guild Master. She refused and he threatened her. "I am Tai Stronghammer" he boasted as it it meant anything to her.

"And I am Karamia Dawnstrike...I am not afraid of you..or of death" she replied calmly, though her insides were full of butterflies.

Mia knew it was hopeless, she put on a brave front, holding her sheild and swinging her mace she battled with the monster. "I am not afraid to die! The Light is with me! I will smite you with the fury of the Light!" and she tried...many times. But she was not strong enough and she fell...his sword slammed into her back and went through her armor. Amazingly he stopped...

"Next time I will kill you...he sneered as he flew away.." his voice echoed in the hills. Mia could hardly move, the gash across her back was bleeding and she felt sick. She managed to call her charger and pull herself up to the stirrup. She was weak from blood loss.

How could she be so stupid? Being alone out here was not smart. Her well trained warhorse stood perfectly still as she tried to get into the saddle. Finally it was too much and she collapsed again. The luck of a goblin patrol finding her was something she did not expect. They took her to Fuselight and the rest of it was a blank.

The fever raged in her system. When the rest of the Fellowship arrived to take her home...there was some kind of confrontation...she heard yelling and thought she heard Tyrael. They had to fight off the death knight again...she could remember looking at Tyrael...her eyes swimming in red. "He wanted to know your name...I did not ...tell him..." she whispered.

They had to carry her to the wyverns, tying her on the saddle for the trip to Silvermoon. By the time she arrived they had to get her spare horse and load her on it. SHe clung to the saddle as Nic lead her horse to the infirmary. For hours they worked on staving off the fever, nearly giving up before packing her in ice and alternating that with warm blankets. "If we don't get the fever to break soon...she will be gone..." Nic went to look for Dalen to report.

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