Fangs of the Father tracking addon

Hello fellow Rogues. After some time considering using power auras to track the various states of the Fangs of the Father set bonus, I decided modifying an old addon to track it would likely be more beneficial to all. An addon called "FoAWatcher", aka Fury of Angerforge Watcher, was an addon that tracked the stacks of a trinket commonly used in Tier 11 content by strength users. My refined mod, dubbed "FotFWatcher" or Fangs of the Father Watcher can be found on here:

The mod tracks the stacks of Shadows of the Destroyer, as it stacks up toward 50, and shows a glow and icon change when Fury of the Destroyer becomes active, showing the time remaining on the buff before it's reset. Rather than downloading a larger addon such as Power Auras, FotFWatcher is a great addition to any fang owner's arsenal.
Same Unru which used to be on T-horn?
Yes indeed.
Additionally, if anyone has changes they'd like to see to the addon, feel free to post them either on the curse page, or on here.
Oh, hey man. Good to see you're still around.

This seems pretty cool, mind putting a screenshot of it in action with your UI?
I might switch from using TMW to track it.

I was wondering where you wandered to man. Good to hear from you.

The screenshots I use on the mod page are actually taken from my UI, however, a full screen of my UI would likely scare some people in its simplicity. The icon itself is fully movable on screen, and can be placed anywhere you find convenient, using the "/fotf lock" command to toggle locking on and off. As far as its size, it's about 1 1/2 times as large as buffs are in the default UI.
This Addon . . . . i love you
Awesome. Thanks so much for this, man. Cheers!
u jelly bro>? unru is my bromance
Thank you for the good praise. I'm glad to hear the addon is helping.
You're welcome. For anyone receiving "Fangs" this week, check it out.
An addon from Unru?

Sign me up!
Work great, but any way to shrink it? It looks a bit large on my lappy.
I've been using this addon sense you posted this thread and it's really useful, but one thing i'd like to suggest is to adjust the transparency and even to have different settings of transparency for the stacks shadow of the destroyer and fury of the destroyer proc so it can "pop-out" more when it procs.
Got mine on Tuesday and have used this since then. Can't imagine dps without it! Good job man!

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