Tame a Pet?

ok so right now i only have my original pet that i started out with and a companion. I'm level 13 right now so when i tried and tame a spider it said i had too many pets. Which i don't but is it because i'm level 13 or what. i have not tamed any animal before so i have no other pets than 1.
You gotta learn additional pet slots before you can have more than 1 pet with you at once. You could put your original pet in with the stable master though.
how you do that?
Stable masters are a type of npc, they are usually in most hubs and always in cities.

You can track certain npcs by clicking on the magnifying glass on your minimap.

Since you're level 13, I assume you're questing in darkshore right about now. Look for a female night elf named Jaelysia in Lor'Danel.

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