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It's been bothering me

The Well of Eternity is just some... thing... possibly Titanic in nature, that happened to allow the Dark Trolls to evolve in Night Evolves due to arcane mutations.

The Night Elves almost summon Sargeras through the Well of Eternity, and it is also what gave them their immortality.

Then the Highborne are saved by N'zoth, who apparently resided under that whole city.

So was the Well the "battery" for the prison for N'zoth?
04/07/2012 01:41 AMPosted by Baalsamael
The Well of Eternity is just some... thing... possibly Titanic in nature

Not possibly, absolutely certainly. The Well of Eternity is the source of arcane magic placed on azeroth by the Titans. Drawing its energies from the infinite Great Dark beyond the world, the Well acted as a mystical fount, sending its potent energies out across the world to nourish life in all its wondrous forms.
Just posted this in another simular topic.
I like the idea of Elune being an Old God. After the Old Gods first army failed against the tians( ie elementals) the Old Gods used the Qiraji as there new army and fought against the trolls for years but were beaten by the trolls.
The Old Gods failing again sought a new army, one that they could corrupt, they turned to the tribe of Dark trolls, posing as loa gods and led then towards the Azeroths source of Power, the Well of Eternity. Here the Trolls were mislead and corrupted into thinking there Loa gods were giving them power to fight back, but really it was the Old Gods powers that the Night elves gained and then used against the trolls, crippling the troll empires.
The Old Gods finally won and with there new army sought a plan to release them from there prisons by bringing the Burning Legion to azeroth, this backfired by a group of night elves practicing the magics of Azeroth( Nature ) and ending the Highbournes plans to bring Sargaras here, but the old Gods wernt finished and gave the Highbourne More power turning then into the Naga and Satyr.

Its possible Nzoth is located beneath the Maelstrom, which was also the location of the well and is also in a simular position within the emerald Dream where the nightmare originates from. Also with the whispers the players get with the puzzle box archology find further point ot the maelstrom. it was also the place in which Deathwing fled to( maybe to escape to Deephoml, even tho we can now follow him there, or possibly to escape to his master in a last attempt to release him from the rift). When Deathwing falls into the Maelstrom we dont see what happens to him, only the final result. What if Nzoth from under the maelstrom empowered Deathwing, transforming him into what we see during the Madness fight.

Again i like to think Elune is a Old God posing as a goddess and the Night elves being unaware of her true form. Remember Yogg-Saron could take on the form of Sara, Why couldnt Nzoth take on the form of a female to corrupt the minds of the night elves.
One has to wonder why the Titans, with all their myriad safety precautions, would allow mortals to settle around the Well of Eternity in the first place. Wasn't there a dragonflight dedicated to safeguarding that kind of thing? Something about magic, and magical artifacts?

As well, the Well of Eternity was considered a very big deal by the Legion, yet the purpose of it given by the titans was a tad mundane. You'd think they'd have created more on various worlds they'd reshaped.

It really all does seem to lead to Azeroth being special, and some kind of titanic experiment involving the Old Gods.
Yeah. and the Old gods are the reason behind Everything, even the reason of why the Giants at Aszhara poop azharite.
well, the titans have purely deist point of view on things. they set things in motion, then leave them to tend to themselves. the whole free will thing. their never had the dragon flights work to protect any other areas. if they did so, it was purely the decision of the flights. the well may have even been a unintentional but inevitable byproduct of the worlds creation.
04/08/2012 04:06 PMPosted by Kynrind
That, I think is just wishful thinking on your part.

Well, then what IS the purpose of the Well of Eternity in your opinion? And how does it relate to N'zoth, who is pretty much known to be underneath what was the Well.
That's it's purpose. As for how it relates to N'zoth? It doesn't have any relation at all.

The WarCraft III manual, and other sources, imply that the Titans carefully placed the Well, but the War of the Ancients Trilogy implies that the Old Gods were able to harness it (all of the World Tree's power came from the Aspects), so we can't be sure.

From the same wowpedia page.

Also, N'zoth IS under where the Well of Eternity was, also the Rift of Aln within the Emerald Dream. You really think that's just a magical (bada tss) coincidence?
I don't see anything on Wowpedia that says N'zoth is under the well. At least not for certain.

It makes sense I least near it. He's definitely in the water.
04/08/2012 01:24 AMPosted by Lumpanatorjr
Again i like to think Elune is a Old God posing as a goddess and the Night elves being unaware of her true form. Remember Yogg-Saron could take on the form of Sara, Why couldnt Nzoth take on the form of a female to corrupt the minds of the night elves.

The whole perception of her as a truly good Goddess does get a tad tainted in the Desolace questing when you discover she accepts human(oid) sacrifices and rewards those who engage in said activity with great destructive powers.

Then there is the Scythe of Elune and the Worgen curse....
I think its a bit odd that most Old god related things all point to the well.
Azshara and the naga- Were the Highbourne whos reckless use of magic brought the burning legion to Azeroth, the legion would sought chaos on Azeroth and when everthing was consumed the Old Gods would be free. The Highbourne were then saved by the old gods and turned into Naga and satyr who follow the Old Gods and legion. The naga are invading the plane of water in an attempt to control the very seas in which Nzoth resides.

Deathwing-Nzoth played a big part in the corruption of Deathwing who retreated to deepholm to regain his strength, he then bursts out of the plane in the same location the well of eternity once was and later on retreats back to this location before emerging a twisted version of himself. With Deathwings defeat the aspects have lost there major powers, a major win for the Old Gods.

Emerald Nightmare-The Nightmare within the emerald Dream originates from the rift which is said to be in a simular location to the well of eternity. This nightmare is created by Nzoth, and even Malfurion said that a greater evil is still within the rift.

Arch puzzle box-At the bottom of the ocean even light must die...
In the land of Ny'alotha there is only sleep...
In the sleeping city of Ny'alotha walk only mad things.
Ny'alotha is a city of old, terrible, unnumbered crimes...
Y'knath k'th'rygg k'yi mrr'ungha gr'mula...
The drowned god's heart is black ice...
In the sunken city, he lays dreaming.

The Maelstrom- Created when the Well imploded creating a massive rift in Azeroth that goes to its very core, this is the deepest part of Azeroth. Now destroying the world piller in deepholme would cause the elemental planes to merge with Azeroth. The Old Gods former armies would then be free to cause chaos again, only this time the titans are not here to stop them.

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