pnc rank 1

Pinch me, I must be dreaming
is this some dumb april fools joke that someone forgot to fix?
never even heard of the 2 names above.... must be mad/bad nerds
04/07/2012 08:32 PMPosted by Titane
never even heard of the 2 names above.... must be mad/bad nerds

who are you :/
titane better pally than u
highest 3's: 2300 come back when you got higher than 2500 thx m8 cy@ tiGAYne
lol lvl 59 posting coz to afriad of posting on main
Pnc gets a decent internet connection...

SUDDENLY RANK 1!!!1!1!!!1!


<3 u pnc bby xo
rektfresh > you
really? i mean, really? some nerd who I don't even know/respect/care about is calling me bad? and all he has to show for it is 2300?

Consider a noose.
and all u have to show for yourself is a lvl 59 warlock u use to troll forums.........derp mad nerd is bad
oh noes a 59 e-hero O_O TITANE FOR KING
a little birdy told me that you got a certain player to carry to to 2300, so your ratings are in fact not even impressive in the least. lol l8rz m8
gotta watch them little birdies with no names :O
this particular person likes titane as a person but hates his ego/him thinking he's really good so he prefers to remain nameless.
I played with Zigzor and a random Lock who both had never been 2.3k either :S dunno how i got carried lol noob sveno
Zigzor 1 shotting noobs!
Sveno more like CUT NERD

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