[H] Over Raided 6/6 MSV-2/6 HoF Recruiting!

Over Raided is Recruiting!

Raid Times: Tue., Wed., Thu. 7:30-10:30p Mal'Ganis Time (CST)

Contacts: Forni, Caerwyn, Educatedgues


About Us

Over Raided is an adult only raiding guild. Our focus is making progression while maintaining positive, friendly attitudes. Our philosophy is to down bosses while enjoying time with fellow skilled raiders.

For us, being a great raider isn't enough. The ability to play your class well is a minimum standard for any raid team. We require more from our raiders. In addition to being exceptional at your class and performing well in a raid, we want members who are friendly, helpful and a pleasure to raid with.

This doesn't mean we are casual or that we tolerate consistent mistakes. We still have progression goals, and want to reach those goals with folks that aren't elitists. We will still point you out when you make a mistake without yelling and cussing at you. We treat each other like an online family, but still get things done. However, we do not run a charity. Raid members are still required to 'pull their own weight'. Feel free to look on our website for a more detailed explanation of our philosophy and approach to raiding.


We are always looking for exceptional players. If your class is not listed below, please contact us to see what we can offer.

Current Needs

We have 2 openings and are considering the following classes:

  • Balance Druid (Resto OS a huge plus)
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Ret Paladin (Holy OS a huge plus)
  • Rogue
  • Elemental Shaman (Resto OS a huge plus)
  • Warlock
  • Prot Warrior

Again, we only have 2 openings. We are mainly seeking Ranged DPS, but are also looking at a possible tank. However, I am open to other options. If we sound like the perfect guild for you and your class isn't listed, please contact me to see if we can work something out!

We look for raiders who can provide exceptional performance while still offering utility to the raid when needed. We want players with great attitudes. We don't fight, bicker or squabble during our raids, and we plan on keeping it that way.


  • We are a mature group, mostly ages 25 – 40, recruiting gamers 18 and over.
  • No drama is tolerated.
  • We have a Mumble Server for easy voice communications. We require that all raiders use Mumble during our raids.
  • A minimum of 80% attendance.

What We Offer

  • We pay all repairs, provide you with cauldrons, feasts (and food if needed), potions, enchants, glyphs, gems, etc. If you need it for raiding, we provide it!
  • A friendly, fun and generous atmosphere.
  • Predefined schedule for raids, alt runs, old content and transmog runs.
  • An opportunity to tackle some of Warcraft's toughest challenges with fellow highly skilled and dedicated gamers.
  • A thoroughly screened player base that must participate in an extensive initiation period. We do this to ensure that we are recruiting players that share the same high standards and expectations we have.

  • With our highly organized structure, we will not be the best guild for everyone. We demand a high standard from our players in aspects of activity, commitment and maturity. We will invest a great deal of time and resources into helping you develop your character and do not want “guild hoppers.” We want gamers who share the same principles as we do and who will dedicate themselves to the advancement and growth of the guild and its members.

    If you think you have what it takes to be a member of a great, fun and rewarding guild, please contact me for more information about our guild, or visit our site and apply today!

    Contact Information
    In Game Contact: Forni
    Battlenet ID: Fornolvir#1602
    Skype: forni.swiftarrow
    Email: forni.swiftarrow ( AT-) gmail (-DOT) com

    We have multiple teams to choose from, check out our site a www.or.guildlaunch.com
    immediate trials for tanks, ranged dps, and a shaman healer

    Raid times/days

    Wed/Thurs/Sun 7pm - 1030 pm server (8-1130 eastern)

    Fri/Sat 11pm - 2am server (12-3am eastern)

    check us out at:

    We have an opening for one of the following: Mage, sPriest, Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman, Warlock, or Hunter. The most consideration would be given to someone who can offer an off-spec healer or alt healer for the team.

    As always, if your class isn't listed please contact us to see what we can offer. We manage a competitive roster and are always looking for skilled and friendly raiders!
    3 running raid teams to accomodate several time frames for players of all schedules.


    check it out, throw in an app, be part of our online family
    Looking for a ranged DPS and a tank! Join us to finish DS and for a great start in MoP!
    Wed/Thurs/Sun 7-1030pm


    1 tank, caster dps, resto shaman


    check it out, fill out an app, join the family
    Even if your class / role isn't listed, come check us out and app, as we are getting ready for MoP!
    We're still looking for that special someone to make a difference. Are you that someone?We've got 3 10-man teams doing hard modes (2 are 6/8). Once you make Raider rank you get free repairs, gems AND enchants.

    Check us out. http://or.guildlaunch.com
    Have you found a stable home for MoP?
    Do you want to be part of a guild who has fun while making progression?

    We have a mature, stable environment where we have plenty of laughs while downing bosses. Contact me today or visit our website for more information!

    In Game Contact: Forni
    Real ID: forni.swiftarrow (AT) gmail (DOT) com
    Skype: forni.swiftarrow
    Email: forni.swiftarrow ( AT-) gmail (-DOT) com
    We have multiple teams to choose from.

    Wed/Thu/Sun 7-10:30p CST
    Fri/Sat 11p-2a CST
    Fri-Mon 8:30-11:30a CST

    We also run RBG's, Arenas, BG's, transmog runs and achievement runs!

    Visit us at http://or.guildlaunch.com
    Immediate trials for tanks, ranged dps, and a shaman healer

    Raid times/days

    Wed/Thurs/Sun 7pm - 1030 pm server (8-1130 eastern)

    Fri/Sat 11pm - 2am server (12-3am eastern)

    check us out at:

    Wed/Thurs/Sun 7pm-1030pm server

    Recruiting: 1 tank, caster dps (warlock/shaman), resto shaman

    Fri/Sat 11pm-2am server

    Recruiting: 1 tank (Bear/DK), Caster DPS (Mage,Elemental preferred), DPS w/Heals OS


    check it out, apply, join the family
    Now 7/8 HM!

    FREE Repairs
    FREE Epic Gems
    FREE Enchants

    Still looking for "super awesome-sauce full of win" warlock or mage!!!
    I play a decently geared (LFR) spriest and I'm currently looking for a guild to get my feet wet in some normal/heroic DS raids. I'm not really looking for a core sport on your raid team as much as we'd just like to find an active guild into MoP. Also cutting myteeth getting geared for PvP. Woud eventually like to do some RBGs too. Would also bring with me 2 others, a Frost/Blood DK and a rogue. Our current guild has entered a peroid of inactivity.
    3 separate teams with various levels of progression and raid times to suit your needs, come be a part of the growing Over Raided family.
    Wed/Thurs/Sun team Blood Guard
    7:00pm-10:30pm CST
    Recruiting: Caster DPS- Elemental shaman, Warlock, Mage
    Healer- Resto Shaman
    Tank- Warrior, Bear

    Fri/Sat team BURN
    11:00pm-2:00am CST
    Recruiting: Caster DPS- Elemental Shaman, Mage
    Melee DPS- Warrior, Enhance Shaman, Paladin
    Healer- Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, Priest(Holy/Disc)

    Apply at or.guildlaunch.com

    check it out, apply, join the family
    You probably don't need the gear at this point in the x-pac but what you might be looking for is a place to call home, we might just be that place.


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