rare candies lf 395ilvl+ Disc priest

Shattered Hand
Rare Candies Currently 4/8H Dragon soul is recruiting a disc priest, preferably with 395+ilvl and at least 1/8H experience. However, i will consider you if u do not meet requirements if you are serious about joining and are competent and willing to learn and progress with us. If interested please send me ingame mail, pst me if im online, or just post to this thread.

Also we are recruiting for many other players who enjoy playing the game as well as raiding and casual pvp. We will be recruiting multiple players to hopefully start a second ten man group, so that you can also proceed into MoP content.

Our Raid times are Tues-Wed 8-11 ST, as well as Monday for any additional clear up
For the second group it will be decided once the group is formed and players can see what works for the group.

Feel free to contact moovine as well for any additional info

Accepting all applicants will be considered even if u do not meet all requirements
the u in my name is (alt+150)

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