Top 3 best of class/spec pvp on server?

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Format: [Spec] - #1, #2, #3

ie. Rogue - Sub - Nuts, Uthred, xxx

Paladin - Ret - Raspberryqt, Mbt, Grând

Warlock - Affliction - FEELMYFELFLAMECARRIEDBYDTRDOTS, Snaj, Snajthecutie

Edit: Best guild on the server is PvP Kings.
i feel like a pvp dream team post
i feel like a pvp dream team post
Too hard to classify due to healing and dps specs.

For only dps classes that are currently on the server:

DK: Gales/Deathnerd/Pants
Feral: we have like 0 ferals
Mage: Crayons/nastre/me/omenz/panties (does nastre still pvp?)
Lock: Gazm/taps lock/nuts
priest (shad): crayons
shaman (hance): gluestick
shaman (ele): osudlmao
ret: dunedan idk anyone else
hunter: rope/tapington/ any others?
rogue: baws/nuts/ are there any others?
warrior: tealc/seetee/crumpets

these are only on horde, idk alliance
Clearly I am the best PvP Rogue on the server.
04/09/2012 04:54 AMPosted by Cancer
Clearly I am the best PvP Rogue on the server.

Greggy is best feral
Death Knight: Jeyne/Ravindrannor/PantstheDK
Druid: Sock(Pants)/Blaser/(resto)Limes/(feral)Nayto/(feral)Mudvayne
Mage: Crayons/Nytemair/Pants
Lock: Gazm/Matsuyama/Grishnakkz
Discipline Priest: Exigent/Crayons/Limesqt *Honourable Mentions*:Outoftime/Peppeeppy(spelling?)
Shadow Priest: Limesqt/Crayons/Saminah
Enhance Shaman: Instagib Gluesticks
Resto Shaman: Routo/Kreynn/Seetee's shaman
Paladin: Dunedan/Ursa/Robthepally/Barrd
Hunter: Tapington(Bit biased)/Rope
Rogue: Cancer(Tap)/Baws/Asperon
Warrior: Tealcqt/Seetee/Crumpetslol *Honourable Mention*Addictz

Ursa/Exigent wins with 4 mentions. Gg.
04/09/2012 05:29 AMPosted by Eruptor
Clearly I am the best PvP Rogue on the server.


Crickets bro
Happy to have gotten a few mentions =D

DK - Ravindrannor/Frozendk duels pretty well/kentqt <----lololol
Druid - Ferals, Limes/Nayto/Mudvayneqt
Resto, Limes
Boomy, Sock/Blaser
Mage - Crayons/Fighto/Omenz/Pantslol
Warlock - Nowindex (god)
Priest - Disc, Outoftime/Exigent/Peppyeppy/Tethy
Shadow, Limesqt/ Reinn/ Saminah/Ctee <----- lololol
Shaman - Resto, Kreynz /Thetsunami/ Routo
Hance, Gluestick
Paladin - Holly, Museqt/ daddyfatsaxx
Ret, Barrd/ Predator/ Fawmaw/ Thedaddy <----lololol
Hunter - Kenttranq/ Tapington/ Artis (dunno how to spell name)
Rogue - Asperon/ Baws/ Uthred
Warrior - ME!/ Tealc/ Tanapop
This thread will go downhill very quickly.

Anyway, in no particular order to make you think I'm fair:

DK- Deathnerd, Ravindrannor, Pants
Feral- Kittygasm, Viligance
Resto- Mudvayneqt, Limes
Boomy- Bigbadrapper, Sock, Blaser, Wowimawesome because you just made a thread that will destroy our minds
Mage- Crayons, Nastre, Pantslol
Warlock- Dat dere Felflame (umad Limes), Matsuyama, Grishnakkz
Disc- Exigent, Tethy, Peppyeppy
Shadow- Limesqt, Saminah, BIG ACRYLIC BOYS, Lrntwoplay
Rsham- Kreynz, Thetsunami, Routo
Enhance- Gluestick
Hpally- Kreyn, Barrd the inactive, Robthepally, Valdin, Valdin, Valdin, Valdin, Valdin
Ret- Barrd the inactive, Gossipgirlxo, Ursa, BIG BLEEDING, the big Dunedan
Hunter- Tapington, David, Aritis, JIMEXPRESS
Rogue- Baws, Steveyo, Uthred, DOUEVENLIFT
Warrior- Tealcqt, Ambrose, Seetee, Crumpetslol, Addictz, ROBDRAGON, Mushin, Mushin, Mushin, Mushin, Mushin

An honourable mention goes out to all those blood dks winning duels. You are truely amazing at this game and should not go and kill yourself with a sander.

Anothe mention out to those Beast mastery hunters that think its a real spec. Big plays.
Do you even lift Rob
Clearly I'm not famous enough yet.
My pally needs more <3.
I am humble so I won't mention myself.

Rogue - steveyo, tap, freshest
enhsham - gluestick
rShaman - azuba, routo, omgcpl
elesham - omgcpl
Disc priest - ursa, deathnerd, saminah
spriest - limes, saminah
ret - barrd, dunedan
holypally - barrd, rob
warrior - tealc
mage - nastre, crayons, nytemair (<3)
hunter - tap, ursa
warlock - nuts, gluestick (back in s7 days!!)
rdruid - mudvayne
boomkin - wowimawesome, bigbad
dk - deathnerd, gagaoohlala

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