Recuit a friend summoning disabled?

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Hi, I did the recruit a friend with a close friend and we both decided to stop playing wow a while back. Successfully canceling our subscriptions last summer.
We both picked up the game again recently but, I noticed that he and I were no longer able to summon each other.
Was this a result of canceling our subscriptions? If so, is there any way for us to have this ability back? The exp boost, etc I can care less about (seeing as it ended when we were playing) but the summoning of my friend was one perk of the recruit-a-friend I really liked.
Should I send an ingame ticket and a GM could reactivate that feature alone? Or are we both SOL?

The link only lasts for 90 days after the invite is sent. After that all of the benefits are lost.
The RAF link (and the perks of it) expire after 90 days.
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Accounts using RAF are only linked for 90 days. After the 90 days, you can no longer summon each other, gain extra exp, etc. So, in a way it does have to do with cancelling the accounts.. as the 90 days begins counting from the moment the RAF is accepted, whether you play through it or not.
Thank you guys for clarifying that for me.

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