[A] Autonomy LF Healer+Mdps H DS 5/8H + MoP

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Autonomy @ Saurfang, An established guild, Lvl 25 currently seeking a Geared and Experienced Healer and Plate MPDS for 10 DS Heroic Progression, focused on semi-hardcore progression that is enjoyable for all raiders.

Current progression is 5/8H and actively spend 2 nights a week pushing heroic modes, and using the 3rd night as clean up for 8/8 Each week. Currently pushing Heroic Hagara (Should be able to push 6/8 Relatively quick with a full team)

Looking preferably towards a Warrior Arms/Fury or a DK, must be exceptional, cleared 8/8n and be heroic ready. Gear is no issue, 390+ is the only exception.

Looking mostly at an Exceptional Shaman Healer, but will consider all exceptional Priests also, Prefered to have a decent DPS OS. As above, 390+ is the gear restriction

Raid times as follows:
Friday 7-10 SVT
Sunday 5-8 SVT
Monday 7-10 SVT

Leave me a post or contact me in game if your interestedCheers

Pneumatix / Pneumonix
Make an offer
I am interested, i will be talking to you in game soon
That is if the offer is still open
Is the mdps spot still open? i will contact you in game

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