Dragon Soul 25m Full Clear - Monday 9th/Apr

Copy/pasting from update pst: once again I was absent, yet Sykon stepped up and led like a champ. Heroic Morchok down, hopefully to become a regular feature; may attempt further heroic modes if we maintain a solid group turn-out. GW to everyone who attended, and apologies again for my absence.

Once again I will be running an 8/8 25m Dragon Soul clear. Commence copy/paste from previous thread: I will be organising a 25m Dragon Soul run, and need skilled/geared/experienced players to put forth interest. It will be run on Monday the 9th at 7:30pm server time, and since we had a 30% wipe on our first (and only) attempt on him last week, Heroic Morchok should be quite within reach. Currently need 4 healers, 3 dps. All players must be geared and experienced, meaning 385+ ilvl, and a Destroyer's End achievement on the attending character, or a main. Tanks must have proper experience tanking all DS bosses, up to and including Deathwing. Since we'll be doing Heroic Morchok, experience in that fight will also be looked upon with favor. Loot will be main spec > offspec rolls, highest roll winning the item. The following items will be held on reserve: Elementium Gem Clusters, 1 x (heroic) Vial of Shadows. All other loot is available, including all Spine/Madness trinkets and weapons. Please post here, or mail me in-game, with your class, role/spec, item level, and DS experience (hard modes are a plus!). Anyone who has attended my previous runs and performed well will be given priority consideration once again. Between myself and Sykon we have led 5 full 8/8 clears through varying stages of the debuff, from 0% to 15%.

Felhorn (druid)
Baarug (dk)

Sykon (rogue)
Rubberducky (warrior)
Daylo (warrior)
Seancarter (dk)
Gavroche (druid)
Sonra (rogue)
Aviciixo (paladin)
Deziroth (shaman)
Kaytinqt (hunter)
Belle (priest)
Cinderlock (warlock)
Quintakii (shaman)
Xerathz (priest)
Icedyou (mage)
Liangpriest (priest)
Arsyk (priest)
Mòzzys (hunter)
Fluffelz (druid)
Sistachumbeq (hunter)

Jiannaqt (priest)
Disathree (paladin)
Hêaler (priest)
Liastraeth (druid)
Id be interested in coming along as dps/heals, 8/8 exp as both dps and heals, and 2/8HM exp (morchock/hagra and seen a bit of yors though never healed it), 387 il, will always come fully buffed/flasked
yeah let me know.
would come along.

Done H Morchok and Yor'sahj.
Yeah both are fine.
Interested in coming again.

edit: may not be able to make it due to something unexpected, sorry.
Wouldn't object to coming on my warlock Cinderlock. Have attended one of your runs before on this toon. Have done 2/8 heroic.


Some cheap enchants, it's an alt.
i herd u lyk tankng fel?
Interested in coming as ranged DPS.
o shi...quintakii finally moved from worst server ever
04/04/2012 07:55 AMPosted by Oceanlab
o shi...quintakii finally moved from worst server ever

I know right. Aman'Fail is the reason I've quit so many times... :/
I'd like to attend.
Recent FM xfer from AT. DPS. 8/8 mid Dec, 1/8H (Morchok) mid Jan. Haven't really raided since then (outside of LFR and irregular pugs) but know all fights, including heroic mechanics.
Azzinøth can you log out in some pve gear so I can take a squiz please? Daylo you're fine, I've sent a calendar invite already.
EDIT: Nvm alts run got pushed.
I was in last week's raid on my shadow priest Liangpriest.

Can I get an invite again please?
frost dk dps 396 , been in ur run before

2/8h on this toon
392 Aff/Destro. I'd be interested. Done 8/8h as Warlock/DK ~ 1/8h on the Warlock I'm posting on.
Updated. Good to see some old faces, check your calendar for an invite and confirm asap!
Interested. 393 iLevel Shadow Priest.

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