My account must be broken, no RP option....

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I jest, I jest.

I know there is no Oceanic RP server but wouldn't it be so very special to have one for MoP. Extra special if they also throw in a free transfer from the full RP realms like Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord to said server. But can you imagine, such a fun colourful (spelt with a u) expansion with such a fun exciting new realm where us Oceanic RPers can frolic to our hearts content.... /bliss

Imma going to help you here blizz and offer some names for our RP realm. Following the theme of the new expansion any of these would do:

  • (after the three new monk talent trees) Mistweaver, Windwalker or Brewmaster.
  • (after zones) Krasarang Wilds, Stormstout Brewery or Vale of Eternal Blossoms (lol)
  • (after the leaders) Firepaw or Cloudsinger (personally Cloudsinger because Ji is a bit of a dirty perv.)
  • Shen-zin Su ... the great sea turtle where our fluffy friends live.

I'm not one for begging Blizz but it doesn't mean I wont.
Seconded. I'd like to play on an Oceanic RP server
Yea, I want more of an rp-pvp server though, I think if they put an oceanic rp or rp-pvp server, it would be quite big....But I guess we just have to wait and see....
I would have totally created my characters on the RP realm if there was one.
As an Australian RP-er who also likes to raid, this has my support.
Hell yes we need a RP server! Moon Guard is a nice realm to RP on, if you manage to stay away from Goldshire that is. But what really ruins the experience at times is the time zones can completely throw it out of the water when it comes to things such as guilds events and such, etc. :S
Yes i want to Roleplay!! and seeing as i can get into realms like Moonguard, there is no option for me.

I 100% vote yes for Oceanic Roleplay Server!!
Oceanic Rp server Mistweaver makes me feel special inside

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